Summer Splashes…The Way Way Back

It is freezing right now I’ll have you know. Winter. Cold. Brrr…❄ Ok, fine, no snow, but cold nonetheless. And I have to write about summer…how cruel. Hee hee…

But, nothing like a nice warm and fuzzy movie to add to some summer spirit. Let me present…The Way Way Back (2013). A lovely movie set during the summer holidays and to top it off, at a water park (to a degree).


Duncan, brilliantly played by Liam James, is a shy teenager who doesn’t really fit in, especially within the dynamics of his mother Pam (the ever brilliant Toni Collette), her new boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell) and his daughter. They all head off to Trent‘s beach house for a summer holiday. Trent constantly has a go at Duncan and more subtly at Pam, although she doesn’t notice it. During the course of the holiday, needing to keep busy as well as escape the adults, Duncan finds himself at Water Wizz, a local water park. Here he meets outgoing Owen (Sam Rockwell, awesome as usual) the park manager and other staff members. Although Owen seems to be a carefree and sometimes irresponsible adult, he knows exactly how to get Duncan to come out of his shell without being blatantly obvious. It is just beautiful watching Owen and Duncan‘s interaction, always with respect yet with just enough guidance from Owen. While there were some serious and sad moments (yet never heavy), I thoroughly enjoyed watching Duncan‘s growth and relationships with fellow Water Wizz staff, family (family-to-be) and neighbours.


As the summer progresses, so do the relationships (some regress). The ideal place for personal growth is often during those breaks away from the everyday routine. Summer holidays bring people out and therefore are perfect settings for finding friends, yourself and some fun.

Directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, who also have small but great roles, The Way Way Back also stars Maya Rudolph, Amanda Peet, AnnaSophia Robb and Rob Corddry amongst others.

A fellow blogger once made a comment that “The Way Way Back is like a big hug in cinematic form”. Absolutely.


Play to the Whistle…Bend it like Beckham

This next review comes from Catherine, the owner of the Thoughts All Sorts blog. Thanks for your contribution Catherine, it was brilliant as always to hear from you when you signed up for the blogathon. Bend It Like Beckham

Bend it Like Beckham (2002) is one of those fun, feel-good British comedies. I remember […]

via Catherine’s Entry For The Play To The Whistle Blogathon — Film and TV 101

Or read it here:


Sexy crush…Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby

I’d pretty much written this post (albeit unconvincingly)…then I went to Switzerland…

PeakyBlinders5My sexy crush was obvious from the very start – Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Yet somehow, I just didn’t know why. Last year’s choice for this Blogathon (here) was easy – a look back on a straightforward teenage crush. But now, 20 or so years later, what’s the appeal in a bad boy? I should be more mature than that. Actually, maybe that’s exactly it…as a teenager, the crush is probably more superficial, more about looks and visual appeal. Now, sexy (which goes hand-in-hand with a crush for me) is much, much more than that. It took me a week of time-out from the everyday with some awesome people* together with great conversation to realise this (I probably knew it anyway – I just hadn’t formalised it in my mind). In fact, one of the topics (co-incidentally) we contemplated one night was exactly that – what makes a person sexy and appealing? We’d agreed (I think) that it was more than just looks. While we didn’t chat about it long, it did get me thinking…

So…I consider myself a good girl who doesn’t really fall for bad boys but ooh, oooh, oooooh, I just couldn’t help falling head over heels with Tommy Shelby. From the opening scene of Peaky Blinders I was totally smitten. *whwwwwew…it isn’t easy trying to write up a post while totally swooning over the character in question* Moving along swiftly…but hey…he’s just sooooo sexy…

Yes…sexy. What is it that makes a man sexy in the first place? Why do you fall for him? Why do we have that crush? One that almost wrenches your heart out? Because crushes are infatuations we have with the unattainable.

What draws me to Mr Shelby (and yes, that’s “Mr” to you or anyone else he encounters who isn’t family or exempt from formalities)? I don’t know. I really don’t. Maybe it’s that he’s always well dressed. Maybe it’s that se… that was pre-mini-break…
Now, I think I know. It has something to do with his presence…definitely. He’s the first person I notice in the room on the screen. The only one who draws me in. Inexplicably. Immediately. Some sort of combination of charisma, outward confidence and yes, naturally (because I’m human), looks. Not the society-conditioned-hot-hunky look but a mature, sophisticated, yet very attractive look. And outwardly, he acts and dresses that way too:


I’d never consciously noticed eyes on men before, but strangely enough, the eyes seem to be a striking trait found in the men I’ve found sexy. Don’t take me wrong….I don’t often have crushes, but those few I’ve had, now thinking about it, have something about their eyes. Just look at these:


And the crush in question has some “rough” edges…he’s definitely not a boyish man…no, he’s a manly man but never old man. Oh just look at him:


There’s some ruggedness about him yet at the same time he has a softer way with women. What makes Tommy Shelby attractive is that Grace never needs to go out her way to attract his attention. He goes about doing his job and whatever else he deems important and the relationship just happens – a natural “gel”.  He’s also able to hold a good conversation.


And…it is not about the “deed”, the “s” word…not at all. Tommy Shelby has all the appeal without that. The ultimate for me, the defining moment, is where he (spoiler alert) “rescues” Grace from the men who want their own way with her (even though the “off-putting, totally un-crushable” part should be that he led her to them but I’ll just file that away for now).

PeakyBlinders6He has a history that has shaped him. Hidden daemons. Depth. Dimensions. But he’s not scared to admit it. Through this, he makes me feel alive. There’s a sense of living dangerously (of course, glamourised, it being a series). And that gives even more flutters. Re-ignites something that the day-to-day life doesn’t have. In fact, one of the people I spoke to overseas said something along the lines of falling not for the person but for the euphoric, electric feeling one experiences from the person in question. A high.

Realistically, I know I shouldn’t like him. I mean, who likes a guy who’s every move, every action has an underlying motive? Tommy Shelby never, ever does anything “just so”. Absolutely everything is calculated and for the good of him (and his family) or his business ventures. And he’s mean, cold and pure business, no fun. He’s a gangster.

While crushes and sexiness are far more than just this, I’ll ponder those thoughts some more. In the meantime, my tummy flutters. I’m totally aloof, struggling to think straight. There’s been some profound effect on me.

PeakyBlinders7.jpgOk, ok, fine…I’ll admit it, I’m shallow – he just looks so damn good. There. Happy?

On a less shallow and infatuated note…if you haven’t seen BBC’s Peaky Blinders, I highly recommend you give it a go. Yes, it is gritty, dark and violent but it is really excellent with superb performances from all involved. They include Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Paul Anderson, Joe Cole, Helen McCrory, Sophie Rundle, Ned Dennehy, Ian Peck, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Hardy, Iddo Goldberg, Noah Taylor and many more.

Gosh, I could go watch Peaky Blinders right now…I think I will.

*To L and S (Ihr wisst wer Ihr seid), thank you for putting my post into perspective and for some good conversation last week.

Thanks to Silver Screenings and Font and Frock for hosting this hot, hot Blogathon. Head on over to Reel Infatuation to read more…and…for my teenage infatuation with Lucky Luciano and Will Scarlett have a look at my entry from last year’s Reel Infatuation Blogathon: Crushing on Will Scarlett and Lucky Luciano.

Musical Notes: Folsom Prison Blues – Russell Crowe

Did you know? Russell Crowe? He’s a musician too. Yep…and he does a darn good rendition of Folsom Prison Blues with “his” band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts or TOFOG. If you can get hold of the album Other Ways of Speaking have a listen to the last track “Swallow my Gift / Farm Noises / Folsom Prison Blues“. More specifically, the last piece of the last track i.e. Folsom Prison Blues. Good fun to listen with wonderful energy.

My DVD of A Good Year has some Russell Crowe music videos on it – great music I must say.

Here you go (although I prefer the album version):

Shaun of the Dead (2 Reel Quirky Cats’ Guest Post by Shanannigans)

Shanannigans of Reads & Reels gave us this awesome guest post today. Thanks for joining us, Shanannigans.

Buddy Post: Trailer review of the classic, “Shaun of the Dead”, starring Simon Pegg. Cont…

via Classic Trailer #Review: Shaun of the Dead #Zombies #SimonPegg #Horror #Comedy #ShaunoftheDead — Reads

Heated Lust – Duel in the Sun 

Of course writing about Gregory Peck is going to come with a certain amount of bias from my side. But, hey…whatever…

The 3rd Annual Sex! (now that I have your attention) Blogathon asks for movies that imply rather than show. And not just a single sex scene (there are loads of movies with those) but oozing (maybe that’s not such a sexy word) sex appeal right through. While many movies fit the bill in a scene or two, I think Duel in the Sun (1946) is filled with sexual tension from beginning to end. So much so that it was apparently referred to as “Lust in the Dust” by critics.

Flirtatious dancing by Pearl‘s mother in the very first scene sets expectations for what is to come. Disguised as a western, we know this is going to be more than that. Circumstances have Pearl (Jennifer Jones) move to the McCanles ranch. She’s met in town by responsible Jesse (Joseph Cotton) and not a few miles later she’s already fluttering her eyelashes at him. She even offers to change her dark clothes right there and then. Admittedly, I doubt she knows the hormones she inadvertantly stirs by just suggesting this. Or maybe she does, as she does boldly ask Jesse if his brother is as nice as he is with almost dreamy eyes. Little does she know about the other, less gentlemanly brother waiting at the ranch. That he’s the one who would love nothing better than have her change clothes right there and then.

That’s where the real sizzling tension is. The bad, bad, baaaaad boy Lewt (Gregory Peck). But, make no mistake, he’s not all to blame. Pearl is just as guilty, for sashing around, fluttering more eyelashes and generally holding a tantalising posture and stirring wild dreams in the poor cowboys on the McCanles ranch.

Most of the time she acts as if she doesn’t want anything to do with Lewt but we know exactly that she does. He unsettles her but she likes it and she definitely wants more of that feeling. She denies it, oh, but she wants it. It is so obvious during the scene where she is helping count food stock – her mind is clearly elsewhere. And, what does she  expect to happen cleaning her bedroom floor on hands and knees with the door wide open? She slaps Lewt alright…but…well…that slap…it is more sex than the ensuing kiss and the lightning storm outside tells us all we need to know.

Even Jesse has his eye on Pearl and while he’s less direct and definitely less mean (Lewt lets her freeze in a pond just because he’d love to see her get out naked) there’s definitely a gesture here and a look there to show he has the same ideas as his brother.

There are so many scenes that I could write about but ultimately, they only make sense in context of the visuals. Besides, I’d hate to spoil this horrid but oh so good (don’t ask, I can’t explain) movie by giving away more than I already have. Let me just say…you haven’t seen bad boy until you’ve seen Lewt


Uhm…Cockneys vs Zombies (2 Reel Quirky Cats June (P)review Nr 1)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


So…yes…uhm…well…hmmm….wow….I don’t know how to start this one. Maybe, let me say that collaborating with other bloggers broadens one’s horizons. Firstly, this month’s topic of “Horror Comedy”, selected by our June guest blogger Shanannigans of Reads and Reels, is a genre I’ve never really watched. Secondly, that’s exactly why this blogging community is so awesome…I’m being exposed to movies (and genres) I’ve never even heard of, or, rather, never taken much note of. So, while we’ve giving Shanannigans some time to get her zombies ducks in a row, my collaborator in crime, Realweegiemidget has selected her choice for this topic…tada…Cockneys vs Zombies.

What’s it about? Actually, I don’t know. I wasn’t concentrating on the story. But, I was having a good chuckle throughout the trailer (here I need to tell you that I’m not big into comedy. Even less into horror). Oh my! The two grandad-and-his-walker scene snippets are just something. And, I’ll never think of certain fashion brands the same either 😉 (I need to confess, I’ve picked a slightly different trailer from what Realweegiemidget gave me – just for the grandad parts.)

The British are great at comedy (I need to rephrase my previous comment here to “here I need to tell you that I’m not big into comedy except the wonderful art of British comedy”. The horror comment still stands though) and they might just pull this one off too. In fact, I am quite tempted to watch this one. It looks like good, mindless, non-so-scary fun.

cropped-cat2Head on over to Realweegiemidget Reviews (here) for her take on this comic bit of horror (or is it horrific bit of comedy?) and then join us on Twitter (@2ReelQuirkyCats) for your zombish comments. Have fun! By the way, thanks for broadening my horizons with your selection, Realweegiemidget.

Oh…and, because it’s a new month and so a new genre of reviews we have a poll for you. Vote for your favourite Horror Comedy movie of those we’ve put forward and we’ll tackle that one at the end of the month:


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