All About…First Impressions of…Eve

I’m going to say this very softly so nobody hears me but….*whisper* I’ve never seen All About Eve….in fact, I’d never even heard of it (yes! that’s totally and utterly unacceptable, I know, I know) until last year’s Bette Davis Blogathon. And…to make things worse, almost a year is over and I still haven’t watched it…but…all that is about to change…I’ll be back a little later…

…ok, me again…not a little later…still now. I just want to get my thoughts down on what awaits me first. From the bits and pieces I’ve read from other bloggers, it must be brilliant. Wow, IMDB gives it 8.3/10, puts it down as number 112 of the 250 top rated movies (as at today), and I see it even won 6 Oscars (and there are a whole lot of other “stats”). I hope my expectations aren’t too high. I hate disappointment. To be honest, and don’t shoot me down just yet, the story line that IMDB gives wouldn’t normally attract me to this one. It almost comes across a bit dull (you’re probably thinking “How could she????” or “oh just you wait”) but, let me to go see what the hype is all about before I dig myself into a deeper hole. See you later…




…now that I’ve finally watched it, what are my thoughts?

Oh…ok…hmmm…Bette Davis wasn’t Eve as I’d automatically assumed. In fact, the opening scene (at the awards presentation) also had me convinced Bette Davis was Eve…initially, that is. When it turned out I was totally wrong, I knew that this was going to be a good one.

And wow…the superb acting. I was totally blown away by Bette Davis. I think I’m an instant fan. Definitely going to watch some more of her works (any suggestions for my second Bette Davis movie?). In fact, the entire cast was fantastic. But Ms Davis had this special screen presence about her. And that worked so well for her role, you know, the one about stage presence?

With an excellent story, this classic was well worth watching (and about time I did so). I kept thinking how clever some scenes, dialogue lines, angles etc. were. Really fantastic film-making which requires at least another watch, not only to process it again, but for the experience.

So, to In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood I thank you for having introduced me to Bette Davis. I’m so glad I signed up last year with my “She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes” post and that you tempted me to join again this year with my All About Eve bit. I would never have watched this movie if it wasn’t for you (and all the other All About Eve fans out there)

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Proposing The Proposition

When excitedly discussing great movies with people, I inevitably find myself saying “You have to watch The Proposition. It is excellent” (at which point most confuse it with The Proposal). Naturally, one of the first suggestions I thought of for Movie Rob‘s Movies from a Hat series, was…drum roll…The Proposition (2005).

I must admit, I can’t remember it very well. Just that it was dusty and gritty and brutal. Oh, and excellent. Only fair that if I tell Rob to watch it, I should probably do a catch-up round myself. Which I did last night…

Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) is a lawman (of sorts) in the wild Australian Outback and has one aim: to tame the land. So he captures notorious gang brothers Charlie and Mike Burns, played by Guy Pearce and Richard Wilson respectively. The one he really wants though, is Arthur Burns (Danny Huston), the ruthless leader of the gang. Keeping Mike in jail, he releases Charlie on condition that he will kill Arthur within 9 days. Failing this, young Mike will hang.

Nick Cave always delivers. Be it his screenplays or music. Here we have both. While the story may move along at a very leisurely pace, there is plenty to admire. The lighting, camera angles, scene composition, characters. The works. I’d say it may lean more towards being a piece of art than a movie. And the music. Together with Warren Ellis, Nick Cave composes a superb accompaniment to the visuals.

In my opinion, you are kept on your toes. Trying to figure out who is going to do what and how this is all going to unravel. Because, trust me, it all needs to come to a head. And, a brutal one at that.

Directed by John Hillcoat, this is well worth watching, but, beware…it is violent. Excellent acting, as always, by Guy Pearce and Ray Winstone. Keep an eye out for Noah Taylor and David Wenham as they are not easily recognisable. Emily Watson and John Hurt also star (and likewise are great – as are all the cast members)

Movie Rob’s review for this movie can be found here.




St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

I happened to come across this from Reads & Reels who’s tagged anyone who feels like doing it. I’m likewise not tagging anyone – so, feel free to tag yourselves 🙂 I hope they’re not meant to be Irish authors or books. Oh well…here goes.

St. Patrick’s Day- Your Favourite Green Book

The only green book I have is The Lord of the Rings. Not my favourite book (sorry…no offense) but it will have to do. I’m not saying I didn’t like it though. I was doing lots of travelling at the time so never got around to fully appreciate this book as it pretty much became an airport and airplane book  – doesn’t work for me.

Corned Beef & Cabbage- A Book That Made You Hungry

So…hope it classifies as a book but Asterix in Switzerland really made me crave a Cheese Fondue. In fact, right now, that sounds pretty good too. Hmmmmm…..

Four Leaf Clover- A Book or Item that was a Rare, Good Luck Find

Jasmine Nights by S.P. Somtow. I came across this book while in Thailand and didn’t think to buy it there. Back home, I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Until, I happened to walk into a random second-hand bookshop and there it was…calling me. Never seen another copy but I have mine. Wonderful, unique story.

Irish Whiskey- A Book So Bad, You Need a Drink to Get Over It

Only one drink???  A Girl Walks into a Bar by Helena S. Paige. Well….I shouldn’t even admit to reading this one. I think the reason I bought it was because it was meant to be an “adults” version of those books we had as kids where you made a decision at the end of a chapter and based on that decision, went to one of two other chapters creating your own chain of events. So please, pretty please, don’t judge me for my awful book selection here.

Irish Dancing- A book So Good, it Made You Want to Dance in Excitement

Oooh, easy peasy. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. The readers out there with whom I’ve exchanged book comments probably would have expected this one. It is absolutely amazing and wonderful and superb and lovely and fantastic….oooh, did I say amazing? Need I go on? Oh, I could dance 😉

Ireland- A Book that Made You Want to Travel to Another Country

Namma: A Tibetan Love Story by Kate Karko. Beautiful and interesting story of Kate, an English woman who met Tibetan Tsedup. It is an interesting account of her life as his wife, living in Tibet with his family. Having read this book, I was amazed by the way of life and culture of these nomadic people. Would love to see their world.

The Pub- A Meeting Place in a Book You Would Love to Go to

This is difficult. Hmmmm…does the dragon ship of Jarl Sigurd and his band of  Norsemen count? It seems the ship is where all the camaraderie happens, problems are discussed and adventures started. This from the Raven series by Giles Kristian.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




Ultimate 90s: The Last of the Mohicans

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Want to hazard a guess…

…who these “youngsters” are? No cheating, ok?  And don’t ask why I was watching these movies…had a memory lane moment 😀

(Answers at the bottom)

The lady sporting the 80s perm (ok, granted, I think it is natural):

The guy on the left:


The goofy guy in the middle:backintheday2




Nicole Kidman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Paul