Evolution of a Band

If you’re into the German music scene, you’ll undoubtedly know that Emigrate started as a “side project” by Rammstein’s Richard Kruspe. This, however, is totally irrelevant…well, now, it is irrelevant (I always feel it unfair to compare bands in situations like these). What’s noteworthy is the musical journey that the band has taken since the release of the debut, self-titled, album in 2007 to the new Silent so Long. The first album came across like a tentative dipping of toes into a freezing pond. Wanting badly to take the challenge but just not managing to let go of the comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, there were some really nice ideas (and My World is one of the coolest “driving” songs, while New York City just rocks) but, on the whole (don’t shoot me down!) it was pretty much Rammstein with English lyrics. But wow, how this has changed with the 2014 album! It’s like, damn, lets just dive into that pond, carefree and refreshed. Eat You Alive is so catchy that just thinking about it now has put it on repeat mode in my mind – and there it will stick for a good while! The “dialogue” section with Frank Dellé portrays a wonderful energy, with the antagonistic undertones coming across so well. I’m not going to analyse each piece, but Get Down featuring Peaches brings along a great change in style. I like! I like! All-in-all, I think Emigrate has evolved and found themselves, delivering a solid work of music. (And I will not compare them again! Promise)


    1. I enjoy them…depending on the song. Enjoy Eisbrecher too (Alex and Pix were Megaherz at one stage). Have a listen to A Life Divided – Jurgen is the lead singer but also of Eisbrecher. Always enjoy A Life Divided. Actually have a post waiting to be published…will do so today.

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