Guitar Excellence

I was pointed in the direction of guitarist Luca Stricagnoli to listen to his acoustic rendition of the AC/DC classic Thunderstruck. To say it is good is an understatement. It is absolutely brilliant and shows off amazing skill! So often there are musicians who do their cello or piano (or whatever) cover of a famous song and you get identifiable hints here and there but never really that distinct, confident sound of the song in its full glory (I don’t expect a replica of the original but I do want to be able to identify it immediately on commencement). Thunderstruck is bold and rich and totally draws you in.

Oh, before we carry on, I need to point out that he is a soloist so, in the video he has no hidden ensemble off camera. Continue…

As it goes with all great things, humans are greedy (generalist comment, I’m sorry) and are never satisfied hearing just one fantastic piece of music. I am no exception and needed more. The Web conveniently and effortlessly fulfills our cravings so there it was: The Last of the Mohicans. Simply click, play, swoon…

Once again, Luca is on his own but plays three guitars to give us this absolutely awesome rendition of one of my favourite soundtrack scores. With the initial help of a bow,¬† the music comes alive in way more “than any imagining could possibly have been.” (to quote Cora Munro). Maybe I’m biased because of my weakness for film music (specifically The Last of the Mohicans). One thing though, I am no lucky enough to have two versions of the Main Theme to indulge myself in.

If you look him up, you’ll find other covers (Braveheart theme, Muse music amongst others) that are equally worth noting but the two above-mentioned ones really struck the chord with me. So, have a listen and also enjoy watching him play.

Thoughts anyone?

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