You know that feeling of floating from having had an amazing experience? That feeling where you savour every moment of what you’ve just seen? That feeling that follows you to bed and you relive the evening while falling asleep and periodically in your dreams? That’s what I had  last night. And somehow I wish I could hold on to that experience in a way that it stays fresh! A way that no amount of Google images can fulfill.

This amazing evening was the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève‘s spectacular performance of Roméo et Juliette. I’ve avoided “typical” ballets for years now purely because they all seem so formulaic and just lack that certain something and I have no clue as to what production is on at any given time. But this changed a few weeks ago: I was immediately drawn by the striking billboard advertising this performance. So simple, yet so powerful. All I remember is a black background and dancers in rich red dresses.

Last night’s performance was a continuation of this billboard. Everything so simple yet far from simple. One prop (a curved ramp, for lack of a more elegant expression). Nothing more needed. And oh, what an opening. A single dancer catching our attention with the sounds created from a pole. The choreography was phenomenal. I’d say it was simply amazing. Modern yet classic. And lots of brilliant dancing!

No tutu in sight. No toe-shoes or the likes. Just dancers in beautiful, simple dresses and pants. How refreshing!

Even the story was presented in a new way. I’m not one to voluntarily watch any version of Romeo and Juliet purely because I always find myself wishing for a different ending. Yet last night, I wasn’t bothered that it is what it is. Maybe because the opening was the ending and the ending wasn’t as traumatic. Whatever it was, it just worked for me.

The only “problem” now is that I’d feel a traitor watching any other ballet. And, finding something as fulfilling as this one is going to take lots and lots of looking and quite frankly, I’m not keen on going back to what I knew before. I may just go watch it again this weekend…but then, the special magic might be taken away the second time around.


Thoughts anyone?

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