Meilenstein…Country gone more listenable…

HarmsuKapelleSo….finally I’ve listened and savoured Meilenstein (Harms & Kapelle). Ah, what wonderful music making. I was hooked a while back with Nach Uns Die Sinn Flut but the rest of the album keeps that hook in deep. Ah…what can I say?

Nach Uns Die Sinn Flut still has a special something, but having had a good listen to the rest of the album, gee, pretty much all the pieces hold their own despite me having a soft spot for aforementioned piece.

Here are my two cents’ worth on some of the rest that strike a major chord with me:

Wenn Sich Monster Lieben has a good rhythm and the refrain/chorus finds its way into my mind out of the blue (in fact, I find most of this album in my mind at all times of day including when I randomly wake up in the middle of the night). Instrumentation is well done too. Gosh, now I’m humming “Wenn Sich (pause) Monster” …I’ll have to put on one of their other songs now…

Bis Zum Letzten Mann, nice…I like, I like. Cool tempo, chilled yet not too much and totally awesome to listen to.

Moving on to a more rock-feeling piece, Rosenbluth isn’t bad. It grows on you.

Es Ist Ein Meister Vom Himmel Gefallen is another wonderfully mellow one (it lived up to my expectations as per my post Country Gone Listenable). Gives that feeling of sitting in a dusty bar on a hot sunny weekend afternoon nursing a drink and just enjoying the vibe. And then, along the same visual, but maybe with some dancing, we move to the funky, upbeat Mittelpunkt Der Welt. Man, this is such an awesome piece. It really gets you tapping those feet…nay, gets the whole body moving to the beat!

Ah, now the close second to Nach Uns Die Sinn Flut…we have Mein Leib. I just dig this song. What a great collaboration! Der Schultz’s vocal timbre works well with Chris Harms‘ deep, contrasting voice. This is one for the repeat setting…especially from about the 2:44 to 3:00 minute mark…I love that section – but then I love the whole section from 0:01 to 3:50…he he!

Well, I was going to pick out those that hit a particular resonance and have just noticed I’ve pretty much touched on most of the pieces. Oh well. So I move on…to Katharsis. Nice upbeat piece with interesting vocal harmonies…in a good way. All-in-all, a good song which moves smoothly on to a slower In Der Nacht which has an awesome refrain from a musical perspective. And we rev it up again with Nur Ein Mal which is catchy and wants to pull you along. I’m tapping my feet again…I must get them checked out, but seriously, who can resist the honky-tonk piano sound thrown in with just great music and great lyrics?

Then…a perfect ending (well, ending is not perfect for this work of art but I guess I can’t have an endless album…the repeat setting will have to suffice) is Das Narrenschiff which is the only “borrowed” piece from Reinhard Mey. The original is nice but this rendition just has that little bit…let’s say…oomph. No offense Mr Mey. Maybe it is a generation thing and I’m more on the wavelength as Mr Harms and his interpretation thereof. So, repeat has kicked in and I’m back to Nach Uns…did I mention how good….

What I really enjoy about this album is the diversity of songs yet within a cohesive style. The pieces work well together. So….super gemacht Herr Harms und Team!

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