Wonderful Woyzeck…

There really is something in the saying that the youth is the future or something along those lines. This was made very evident in the brilliance of a Woyzeck production I’ve been lucky enough to watch this week. Originally written by Georg Büchner, the Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg learners have performed their own interpretation of this stage play.

I love modern. I love different. And this was exactly that: refreshingly modern and different. What blew me away were the ideas, the brilliant, brilliant creativity and the fantastic range of performers (the youngest 5, the oldest around 16). However, without the backing of behind-the-scenes crew, teachers and mentors (and anyone else I have forgotten about) Woyzeck wouldn’t have come alive the way it did. And they all “gelled”…when a production moves this smoothly and everyone seems in-tune with each other, they’ve clearly had fun getting to this point. Well, fun intertwined with lots of hard work. But that goes without saying…or rather, should go without saying. I overheard a comment that the performance was better than some put on by professionals…wow…that says something.

So, here’s a great Thank You to the entire team involved for presenting a wonderful work of art! You can be proud of yourselves.

Thoughts anyone?

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