The Rover…promises to be intense

RoverThe first ten minutes, those are the crucial ones, the make-or-break ones, the ones that control the control….you’re either going to switch off or not (well, obviously). I once read that somewhere (you know, those things you read and can never remember where but somehow one point of the entire thing stays with you?), that if you don’t “catch” your audience in this valuable time-frame, you’ve lost them.

Right, back to the film. So, of these critical minutes, the first few are totally silent. In fact, the opening seconds (and it felt longer than normal) were of a stark-ish landscape. And I waited…and waited…briefly wondering if the film had frozen when I realised that no cliché character was going to appear on the distant simmering horizon (well, not simmering but I almost expected that). Something else was going to happen. Then, a close up of Guy Pearce, but no sound, no movement, just him waiting…waiting…(this time, I know this is the intention)

I like this type of opening. I has me guessing. And it sets up that wonderful sense of anticipation, keeping me on my toes. It silently screams the “sh…-is-about-to-hit-the-fan” and very loudly at that!

This is confirmed with the introduction of three arguing guys in a pick-up. Clearly they’re up to no good and have had a not-so-lucky run-in with someone AND they’re clearly about to cross Guy Pearce‘s path (sorry, at this stage I don’t know his character’s name). It is inevitable and now I get the feeling that the “sh…-is-really-going-to-hit-the-fan”. The same pick-up silently overturning and literally flying down the road in the background gives it away. Said scene also confirms that this is going to be a very interesting film. A gritty one. A violent one. A good one…I think.

Point is, it didn’t even take 10 minutes to prove itself. My only problem is that I wish I had more than 10 minutes to carry on watching and didn’t need to do things on a weekday morning. On the other hand, I can now prolong the anticipation for when I have time…hopefully this evening. The Rover promises to be a good one. But then, pretty much anything I’ve seen Guy Pearce in is fantastic. The Proposition (2005) is a prime example. Wow…now that is one hell of a movie. Another gritty, brutal, yet clever work of art. It is one of my first recommendations when I get carried away talking about brilliant films. It is also what changed my mind about this great actor. I had only known him as Fernand Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo where, initially, I just wasn’t a fan of him. Although, admittedly, re-watching The Count recently, I’ve also changed my opinion to a much more positive one. I quite enjoyed Breathe In where we see him in a very different role. He seems so comfortable and natural in any character he portrays. Something I never expected was a buff Mr Pearce in Lockout but he really pulled it off. I just loved his “sarky” comments and general attitude as Snow. From the look of it, Memento is another brilliant performance (yes, yes, I know, I need to watch it) and I can’t wait to lay my hands on the DVD. But, first The Rover (taking my never ending “to watch” list down by a mere entry) and I’ll eventually get to Memento which is near the top of the list.

UPDATE: The Rover turned out to be a very interesting one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and never saw that ending coming. I have also watched Memento…boy what a great one that is!


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