To all the Film Blogathoners…Thank you!

This one is just short and sweet….a Humongous THANK YOU to all the (Film) Blogathoners out there…the hosts, the writers, the readers, the commenters, the likers…because without you I wouldn’t:

  1. Spend late nights writing about films for the fun and passion of it.
  2. Revisit the films I haven’t watched in years because I’ve decided to write a Blogathon post about them.
  3. Realise that the films in 2 above aren’t quite what I remembered them to be (mainly the older ones).
  4. Be reminded of the awesomeness of the films in 2 above.
  5. View films in 2 above from a total different perspective i.e. with the Blogathon topic in mind.
  6. Get to add loads and loads of new films to that ever growing “To Watch” list.
  7. Neglect my “To Read” list.
  8. Promise that “This is my last Blogathon for a while” and enter a new one a few moments later.
  9. Promise that “I will never enter more than one Blogathon a month” and enter a second one for the same month a few moments later.
  10. Write up paragraphs for the next Blogathon in my mind in bed at night.
  11. Read different opinions and see films in a different light (and have so much fun reading your posts)

I never thought I would get so “addicted” to Blogathons…oh how wrong I was! You all rock!


  1. What a lovely post. Thank you for writing here and the comments you’ve left at my place. The community spirit these blogathons generate is infectious, and I’m starting to get a little “addicted” myself.

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Thoughts anyone?

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