Interesting stuff…Morgan’s trailer and AI

I read something really, really cool this morning…on my company’s news site of all places! I was sure my colleague had posted in the wrong spot but no! I have recently been ‘playing’ around with IBM Watson Analytics as part of my job. Up to now, the usual business stuff.  The real appeal just revealed itself….I’m soooo excited (and freaked out)…IBM Watson was used in the making of the Morgan trailer. Very interesting…

What is Watson? Well, as this is not a technical blog, I won’t go into the details (you can look those up yourself) but, in a nutshell, Watson takes data it has been given, assesses it, together with any outcomes or responses (so this requires some sort of human input) and tries to “teach” itself patterns or other possible outcomes.

Now for Morgan (2016) the new movie about an AI being. Apparently Watson analysed a large number of horror trailers to determine what type of scenes, music etc. would be best suited for the Morgan trailer and from this isolated a handful of clips that were ultimately used.

While for me the trailer is very creepy and uncomfortable to watch (ok, I don’t think Morgan is something I’d watch anyway) I think the result is fascinating (and maybe just a little scary from a technology perspective). Does the trailer work? I don’t know. Is it different to what humans would come up with? I don’t know. Possibly? After all, Watson has based the clip selection process on assessing other human-created trailers. What I did notice is that after watching I still wasn’t sure as to what the movie is about (maybe all-revealing trailers are a thing of the past?). But what better way to create a trailer about an AI being than with AI?

Here it is (watch to the end for a commentary section):

Thoughts anyone?

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