Schwingfest – Verliebt in einen Bauern

 “Schweizer Bestseller” (Swiss Bestseller) is stuck on ever cover of Schwingfest and gazed lovingly at me from every book shop! I just couldn’t get away from it. So, with my belief that a book finds me (and not the other way round), I decided to give it a go. I needed a holiday read after all. Besides, I just couldn’t resist that cute cover.

The story is about Bea, a freelance journalist and freelance-whatever-comes-her-way, who meets Sämi, a farmer, while writing an article to accompany his photo in a calendar. They have totally different lifestyles…naturally, otherwise there wouldn’t be a story. Attracted to Sämi, Bea takes an interest in Schwingen and farming and thus it all unfolds. Some developments I didn’t see coming which is what made me enjoy this book. Initially I thought it would be just another routine light romance.

I must admit, that I get very nervous of the newer German and Swiss books. I find they bring in too much English and tend to use expressions in the wrong context. Anyway, that’s the way languages evolve I guess. This one wasn’t too bad, although kept going on about “that’s what friends are for” and such. It didn’t really fit in.

That aside, once I’d gotten used to the “clipped” writing style and come to terms with the fact that this was a very, veeery, light read, I quite enjoyed it. Reading so many books, many with similar settings, it was really refreshing to be transported to the Central Swiss region with which I’m familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed the use of Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) as a central theme. It made for something a bit different.

At the end of it all, it is still a girl-meets-boy story but very sweet and a fun quick read. Perfect for the holidays and as a bridging book between ‘heavier’ books.








        1. If you’re not into Westerns, don’t be put off – it is more a character study than a Western. It is a good 900 pages by the end of which you will feel as if you have just done a cattle drive, dust and all…it just pulls you in. Beautifully written. Sorry, just very passionate about that book.

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        1. Junfrau is very busy…and very touristy (not very Swiss I’m sure you noticed). If you get there again then Luzern and Lake Lucerne are gorgeous – especially up the Rigi or the Pilatus mountains.


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