Liebster Award…Another First

liebsterawardI’ve been blogging for just over a year now and have had so much fun doing so! The community of bloggers and the “conversations” are the best. I’m really grateful for everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I especially enjoy the the interaction with fellow bloggers. When I started out, I honestly did it purely as a medium for me to simply write…for myself (“publish” was a check for me to make sure I had put effort into the post). Little did I know how I’d enjoy the world of other bloggers so much!

I’ve received my first nomination for a Liebster Award from Film and TV 101. Thank you so much!

Here are the 11 questions I received:

  • What has been the best film you’ve seen this year? Das Finstere Tal (The Dark Valley)
  • What has been the worst film you’ve seen this year, or the one that has disappointed you the most? Ah, gosh, I’ve had a few. Let’s say Rabbit Without Ears 2 and Fish Tank disappointed me most. The worst films I’ve seen this year are The Boy Next Door and Diablo.
  • Who is your favourite actor/actress? I don’t have a single favourite but if I must choose, then it will be Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Who is your favourite director? Now this one is tricky because I don’t have one…but, if I run a query on my little movie database of the movies I own then the directors I have most movies in my collection of are: Ridley Scott and Lasse Hallström. Hmmm, probably Ridley Scott (even some movies I don’t own I thoroughly enjoyed)
  • What is your favourite film quote?  “You survive! You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you! No matter how long it takes, no matter how far. I will find you! ” (The Last of the Mohicans)
  • Who is your favourite film character? I have no idea…never thought about this before. I honestly can’t think of any character that stands out in my mind. Sorry.
  • If there was one film you yourself had the chance to remake, which would you choose? I’m not a fan of remakes because if I like a movie then it is that particular one I enjoy. But, to be a sport…hmmm…maybe Seven Brides for Seven Brothers although the movie as it stands holds a very special nostalgia which I’d hate to change.
  • What would be your dream cast? Kate Beckinsale, Cillian Murphy, Sam Rockwell, Timothy Olyphant, Guy Pearce and Keira Knightley (not sure I can picture them all together though)
  • Dinosaurs or dragons? Neither really…but dragons bring on so much more fantasy to the mind than dinosaurs. Ok…dragons it is.
  • And finally, out of all the creatures that walk this earth, which would you least like to be? Of those that walk…I’d least like to be the person I’m not.

So, here are my questions followed by the Blogs I’d like to nominate.

Liebster is a German word for Dearest. Dearest is defined by the Collins dictionary (remember those? I still have one on my bookshelf) as “regarded with affection and tenderness“. So, I’m going to base my questions around this idea (not favourite but dearest…special…tender…):

  1. What is the dearest/most special movie you watched in the 90s?
  2. What is the dearest/most special movie you watched in the 2000s?
  3. What is the dearest/most special movie you watched in the 2010s?
  4. What is the dearest story you’ve read or watched ?
  5. Which movie do you find yourself watching at least once a year because it is just special?
  6. What book is special to you?
  7. And the dearest foreign language movie you’ve watched?
  8. What is the most affectionate/tender scene you’ve watched in a movie or read in a book?
  9. When you need “me time”, what do you do?
  10. What time of the year is your most special?
  11. What brings that “something special” to your day?

Nominating Bloggers is tricky as I believe I’m meant to nominate blogs with less than 200 followers. It isn’t always easy to see the number but Flapper Dame you always have wonderful posts and definitely less than 200 followers so here’s to you!





11 thoughts on “Liebster Award…Another First

  1. Well done, my friend 🙂

    I love your answers. I love Last Of The Mohicans too (I think we discussed this before?)

    I’m shocked that you don’t like Fish Tank! I think it’s a fantastic film. But then again, I think there’s a lot of people that don’t like the movie. Andrea Arnold is a great director, she’s just done ‘American Honey’ – have you seen it yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the Congrats. Ah…The Last of the Mohicans is my absolute all-time favourite movie! I watch it at least once a year. Daniel Day-Lewis is just such an amazing artist in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoy his movies especially, obviously, The Last of the Mohicans but also lesser known The Ballad of Jack and Rose. He’s also a wonderful villain in Gangs of New York.


Thoughts anyone?

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