In a Nutshell: Heiter bis Wolkig (2012)

Heiter bis Wolkig (Partly Sunny). Aptly named, this film is about Can (Elyas M’Barek) and Tim (Max Riemelt) who pick up girls by claiming one of them is terminally ill and therefore having only one more wish…you fill in the rest. Most girls fall for this and things seem to go well until Tim meets Marie (Anna Fischer) who’s sister really is ill. As fate would have it, Marie and Tim fall for each other and so starts a tender story of their relationship as well as the one with Marie’s sister Edda (brilliantly played by Jessica Schwarz).

At times it is light and puts a smile on your face, at others it brings the tears and makes you think.

All-in-all a lovely movie but more drama and romance than comedy. Well worth the watch.




Thoughts anyone?

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