Agnes who?

I have a confession to make. I had no idea who Agnes Moorehead was before In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood asked me if I’d like to join the Agnes Moorehead Blogathon. Having become totally addicted to Blogathons and not wanting to let anyone down (and besides, I now knew that Agnes had appeared in How the West Was Won which I’d seen, so…easy-peasy) I agreed. And had sleepless nights ever since. You see, I generally write my Blogathon entries well in advance but wasn’t even sure in which snippet of How the West Was Won she appeared. Do I come up with some excuse? No! Just do it. Excuse? Do it! Exc…

Clearly, the Just do it won. And here it is…as short and sweet as her role:

Agnes Moorehead has a small role in The Rivers section of this fabulous movie. She’s the mother and wife of a family on their pilgrimage West to start a farm. Not really appearing in the forefront of this section, I solely focused on her (for Blogathon reasons) and found myself thoroughly enjoying her facial expressions. Her brief lines when she put her husband into his place made me smile. She portrayed a loyal but firm woman.

My favourite scene is where Linus Rawlings hands her an empty plate of food telling her it was mighty tasty:

*Rebecca “You’ve only ate four plates. I was beginning to think you didn’t like it.”
Linus “No. Well it don’t pay to eat too much on an empty stomach ma’am.”

Now I absolutely have to look out for her in other roles. From the little I’ve seen, she’s just great!

*Quotes taken from watching the movie







    1. Hi. Oh dear…thanks for letting me know – I’ll try rectify that. All good here (I’m busy writing a post so things are fantastic). Thanks for thinking of me – greatly appreciated. I’m not familiar with Judy Garland but…I love that “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” scene from Meet Me in St Louis…if you think that’s a good place to start, I’ll watch that and join in the Blogathon with a post (it would be a duplicate if that’s ok).


        1. Great minds think alike…I was actually going to write about how that scene makes me feel…so yes, let’s do that. Sounds like a great plan. I’ll watch the whole movie though as I’ve never seen it (hang my head in shame).

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  1. Agnes may have only had a small part in this, but her role is still memorable and pivotal to the movie. I’m glad this was covered for the blogathon. Thanks so much for joining in.

    I would also like to invite you to participate in my next blogathon. I announced it early. The link is below with more details.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I did see your Bette Davis Blogathon announcement earlier today and thank you for the invite but I’ll give it a miss – I didn’t know who she was this year when I joined you hence the Bette Davis Eyes entry but I honestly haven’t had a chance to have a closer look at her movies so feel I will be doing her a great injustice if I write something for the sake of writing. I’m hoping to have a quieter year next year to catch up so, hopefully 2018 will be my Bette Davis year.


    2. Hi…me again. So, I just can’t resist a Blogathan and I think it is high time I get familiar with Bette Davis. So, if you can point me in the direction as to where to start (All About Eve?) I’ll give it a watch now during the holidays and in January I’ll hopefully be able to say yes, I want to join the Blogathon – I am tempted to do something along how I feel about this actress.


        1. Great – I’ll give it a go and write up something along the lines of what I had built up in my mind around Bette Davis and how I actually saw her once I’d seen a movie. Give me a week or two to confirm though – would hate to let you down.


        2. So…I promised I’d confirm taking part with Bette Davis…and yes…I’ll do it. I won’t write specifically about All About Eve as such (I’m sure there are loads of reviews) but rather about being introduced to this actress that everyone talks about and what first impressions I had. Is that ok?


    1. I’ve found that often the actors/actresses I like are those in the minor roles. In a way, that probably makes them more special as would they become “leads” the magic would be lost and they’d be there all the time. I don’t know…just a thought.

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      1. I think the esteemed Roger Ebert hit the nail on the head when he once wrote about the glories of “supporting performances from character actors who come onstage, sing an aria, and leave.”

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  2. I grew up watching “Bewitched”, but until I started reading blogs about movies, I knew of nothing else. (I had seen the TZ episode I reviewed for this blogathon several times, but I didn’t know who the woman was until I began to search for something to use for my blog entry here…)


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