Happy Birthday – One Fine Day

You’d think that, given the number of movies I’ve watched, and the fact that this one is turning 20, I would have seen it. But nope. In fact, it had totally missed my radar until I came across the Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies blog. However, it still didn’t really grab me. But, thanks to all the wonderful posts on said blog, I became tempted…bit by bit. And voila….I’ve watched it.

Oh why did it take me so long? What a lovely movie. One of those good romantic comedies that only the 90s could produce (there’s a certain style, a certain mood to the movies of that time).

one-fine-dayMelanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Jack Taylor (George Clooney) meet because of delays getting their respective children to a field trip. Instead, here starts a hectic day of juggling jobs, children and emotions as the adults navigate a day in their life with kids and each other in tow.

Given the genre of this story, the ending should be predictable yet I didn’t feel it to be so. There is never an obvious turn to the story so I was kept guessing as to what decisions or events were going to be thrown into the mix and how they would be resolved. An intelligent movie. And the children aren’t just props half-heartedly added into the mix – they are there with purpose, throughout the movie. The resulting relationship is clearly one that has the kids in the forefront. I guess they’re the reason these two have met in the first place.

onefineday2The “Peter Pan Complex”/”Captain Hook Complex” scene is well done and absolutely great. But never has a scene manage to heighten the anticipation as that of their first kiss. They really know how to drag it out for the audience (in a good way). Come on…just kiss!

So, lovely little movie that I’m so glad I’ve seen. I consider this the movie’s birthday present for its birthday.

PS: Pop past Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies for some wonderful Birthday praise of One Fine Day.




  1. It’s snowing here, I’m perusing the tv guide and just noticed that One Fine Day is showing on Film 4 at 2.35. I think I might be spending the afternoon with Jack and Melanie again!

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  2. Wonderful post. I’m very happy (and relieved) that you enjoyed this film.
    One Fine Day is a great example of why mainstream movies were so good in the 90s. It was the last period where rom-coms actually felt romantic and left you wanting to live in their world.
    Michelle and George have sparkling chemistry and I love their verbal sparring, especially in the scene you mention.Twenty years on, I still hope to see them on screen together again.
    Thanks again for your post!

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    1. It’s only a pleasure – I really, really enjoyed it.
      I really enjoy your post today too (as I always enjoy your posts)!
      So…here’s Happy Birthday dear One Fine Day! Happy Birthday to you!
      Have a wonderful rest of the week. I’m on holiday so if you have any further recommendations, please send them my way!


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