In a Nutshell: Not another Happy Ending (2013)

Rejection letter after rejection letter when finally Jane Lockhart (Karen Gillan) is signed with a small publisher on the verge of closing. Her first book is a success, however, she has a two book contract. Problem is, she has only one chapter left to write but, due to new-found happiness has writer’s block. So publisher Tom Duval (Stanley Weber), together with his sidekick Roddy (Iain De Caestecker), set out to make Jane‘s life a misery so that she can finish that last chapter.

Great, light movie set in Glasgow. One of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen in a while. Iain De Caestecker and Stanley Weber make such a good team. You’ll probably recognise many of the faces, including that of Gary Lewis (playing Jane‘s father).




    1. I think you’ll enjoy it.
      I’m not very familiar with Karen Gillan but you’re now the third person in a period of a week to mention Guardians of the Galaxy so I think this is a sure sign that I need to watch it! Amy Manson has a wonderful role (another actress I don’t really know).


      1. I’ll look out for the DVD in January, when the madness in the shops has died down.
        Have a great Christmas and thanks for your support this year. Your comments on my latest post were brilliant and really made my day!


        1. It has been an absolute pleasure reading your posts and comments throughout the year! Likewise, thanks for your support.
          I thoroughly enjoyed “commenting” with Maggie (you captured her character so well. And finally I know about Melanie). Was good fun!
          If I don’t “chat” with you before next week, then have a very Happy New Year too. Here’s to a wonderful 2017!

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