Musical Notes: Bastian Baker

As with movies, so with music – I love discovering new artists (or, maybe not new, but new to me). Regularly hearing (and enjoying) someone called Bastian Baker on radio while relaxing these past few days, I naturally had to “look” up some more of his works. Born as Bastien Kaltenbacher in Lausanne, Switzerland, he has some music that I’ll definitely be listening to again.

Here’s “Tomorrow May not be Better” which is from his debut album of the same name followed by the one that drew my attention in the first place (“We are the Ones (#FF)”). Hmmm, maybe it’s just me but the first piece reminds me of Amy Macdonald (I thoroughly enjoy her music)…but I don’t want to compare. Enjoy!



    1. So far it really sounds like it! All thanks to being able to listen to Swiss radio outside of Switzerland – the joys of technology 😉
      I’ll definitely be spending some time listening to more of him and his band!


  1. Bastian Baker is a new name (and voice) to me, mind you so was Amy Macdonald until a few days ago. She had a guest appearance in a Neil Diamond concert I was watching on the BBC and I was more than impressed with her rendition of Shilo.

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Thoughts anyone?

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