In a Nutshell: Heidi (2015)

Absolutely delightful retelling of the classic Heidi story. It is clean, heart-warming (and sometimes a little heart wrenching) and positive. Heidi spends a happy life with her grandfather Alpöhi and friend Peter in the Swiss Alps. All of this is changed by Dete who takes the child to Frankfurt to live with wheelchair-bound Klara. Unhappy in the big city, Heidi is homesick for her beloved mountains and eventually manages to get back there.

This visually stunning movie is directed by Alain Gsponer and stars Bruno Ganz, Anuk Steffen, Anna Schinz and Quirin Agrippi.

Feel-good, sweet and worth watching.

PS: “Heidi and Peter” of 1955 is also absolutely wonderful.








2 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: Heidi (2015)

  1. A film like this wouldn’t normally be my cup of goat’s milk, but I just watched the trailer on Youtube and it looks charming. The mountains are shot wonderfully. It’s an everlasting story, Anuk Steffen has a beautiful smile and looks a perfect fit for Heidi.


Thoughts anyone?

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