In a Nutshell: 10th & Wolf (2006)

10thandwolfTommy (James Marsden) returns to his family and friends in Philadelphia and thus becomes re-involved in the Mafia (the reason he left was to get away from it all). However, this time he is left with no choice as he is “forced” to go undercover by an FBI agent because of a pending prison sentence. Tommy is to provide evidence around the Sicilian mob and in return can protect his cousin Joey (Giovanni Ribisi) and brother Vincent (Brad Renfro) who are both part of the family “business”.

This wasn’t too bad and kept me wanting to see how it would all unfold. I believe it is based on real characters.  I always enjoy watching James Marsden, hence the reason I probably had it on my radar in the first place. Ribisi is good at these type of roles and I was quite impressed with Renfro, who I’d never seen before. You’ll even see Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee and Dennis Hopper in very, very small roles. Piper Perabo has a bigger small role in this movie directed by Robert Moresco.








Thoughts anyone?

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