Want to hazard a guess…

…who these “youngsters” are? No cheating, ok?  And don’t ask why I was watching these movies…had a memory lane moment 😀

(Answers at the bottom)

The lady sporting the 80s perm (ok, granted, I think it is natural):

The guy on the left:


The goofy guy in the middle:backintheday2




Nicole Kidman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Paul



    1. Wow…you’re good. Did you ever watch BMX Bandits? Gosh, my best friend and I used to watch it over and over and over…I watched it recently and…hmmm…not as good as I remember it but still good from a nostalgia point of view.
      I’ll leave the 2 guys for a while…let it linger.


Thoughts anyone?

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