St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

I happened to come across this from Reads & Reels who’s tagged anyone who feels like doing it. I’m likewise not tagging anyone – so, feel free to tag yourselves 🙂 I hope they’re not meant to be Irish authors or books. Oh well…here goes.

St. Patrick’s Day- Your Favourite Green Book

The only green book I have is The Lord of the Rings. Not my favourite book (sorry…no offense) but it will have to do. I’m not saying I didn’t like it though. I was doing lots of travelling at the time so never got around to fully appreciate this book as it pretty much became an airport and airplane book  – doesn’t work for me.

Corned Beef & Cabbage- A Book That Made You Hungry

So…hope it classifies as a book but Asterix in Switzerland really made me crave a Cheese Fondue. In fact, right now, that sounds pretty good too. Hmmmmm…..

Four Leaf Clover- A Book or Item that was a Rare, Good Luck Find

Jasmine Nights by S.P. Somtow. I came across this book while in Thailand and didn’t think to buy it there. Back home, I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Until, I happened to walk into a random second-hand bookshop and there it was…calling me. Never seen another copy but I have mine. Wonderful, unique story.

Irish Whiskey- A Book So Bad, You Need a Drink to Get Over It

Only one drink???  A Girl Walks into a Bar by Helena S. Paige. Well….I shouldn’t even admit to reading this one. I think the reason I bought it was because it was meant to be an “adults” version of those books we had as kids where you made a decision at the end of a chapter and based on that decision, went to one of two other chapters creating your own chain of events. So please, pretty please, don’t judge me for my awful book selection here.

Irish Dancing- A book So Good, it Made You Want to Dance in Excitement

Oooh, easy peasy. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. The readers out there with whom I’ve exchanged book comments probably would have expected this one. It is absolutely amazing and wonderful and superb and lovely and fantastic….oooh, did I say amazing? Need I go on? Oh, I could dance 😉

Ireland- A Book that Made You Want to Travel to Another Country

Namma: A Tibetan Love Story by Kate Karko. Beautiful and interesting story of Kate, an English woman who met Tibetan Tsedup. It is an interesting account of her life as his wife, living in Tibet with his family. Having read this book, I was amazed by the way of life and culture of these nomadic people. Would love to see their world.

The Pub- A Meeting Place in a Book You Would Love to Go to

This is difficult. Hmmmm…does the dragon ship of Jarl Sigurd and his band of  Norsemen count? It seems the ship is where all the camaraderie happens, problems are discussed and adventures started. This from the Raven series by Giles Kristian.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





                1. Had a quick glance but sure like “you in the morning”…ha ha. He’s nice…hmmmm….
                  I’ve briefly looked at the written aspect and I’ll need some time with that…
                  Congrats on this new brave site though!

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  1. I have added Lonesone Dove to my list of books to read (quite a long list atm!)
    The Hobbit is where I fell in love with Middle-Earth so I suggest reading or re-reading that. 🙂

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  2. I love The Lord of the Rings, I read it several times as a child, but there is no way I could find time to read it all again. I’ve still got a copy of The Hobbit that I’ve had since I was a child and it’s still a joy to dip into it now and again.


    1. I absolutely love The Hobbit. I think the “problem” with LoTR is most likely the jet lag, travel combo – the year I read this book I was back and forth between Kenya, New York and home multiple times so never had the chance to properly spend time on it. And then the movie/s came out…:-(


    2. Paul…are you ok? I know you are not inspired at the moment and Maggie has been lying low for a while…and I think going through this is normal. If it makes you feel any better – I felt “tired” in January and February – the only reasons I carried on was because I’ve got you and other blogger friends out there. I was close to cancelling my account. So you see…it happens to all of us. Just don’t feel pressurized into “having” to write anything. It is about you and enjoying it, after all. My suggestion is that you just forget about writing anything for a while. Don’t even think about your blog. Log out. Forget. And, then, you’ll know when you are ready to come back. Even if it is much later this year or even the next. And don’t feel bad about it for even a second.
      I found myself not reading much last year purely because of the “pressure” I’d put on myself with Goodreads. I’d committed to reading a certain number of books in 2016 and, although nobody checks up on me, I still wanted to reach my goal without changing it. The only thing that happened is that I didn’t read what I really wanted to and reading lots its joy (which is unheard of with me – I love reading). The best thing I did was log out of Goodreads and I haven’t gone back since. I’ve been reading lots again!
      So…go watch Addicted to Love or One Fine Day for the pure fun and escapism. Let them be the pick-me-ups that they really are without the cloud of blogging hanging over your head. Enjoy! Have fun!
      Whew…that was quite an essay…should have written a post for this! Enjoy the rest of your week and don’t be too hard on yourself!


      1. I’m OK, thanks for asking. I really do appreciate your advice and your kindness. A lot of bloggers are very formulaic, so it makes a change when someone is genuinely interested in your welfare.
        I still feel jaded, but I will be around the blogosphere and I will enjoy reading your content as and when you post it. Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies will be back on or before Addicted to Love’s birthday in May. Maggie would make my life a misery if I let that date pass without mention. I do hope you’ll be around to join in the celebrations. No strings, it just wouldn’t be the same without you!

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  3. I’m afraid you’ll just have to re-read The Lord of the Rings, and then keep re-reading it till you love it. It’s a new law I’ve just passed. Ooh, Asterix! Haven’t read any of them in ages – must dig around in the shelves and see if I can find one. Or two.


    1. I know! I know! I’m terrible. I really do need to re-read Lord of the Rings. I loved The Hobbit so surely it was purely the endless jet lag and travelling that influenced LoTR. Actually…that law…what is the punishment? Reading Twilight or something? 😉 oooh, Moby Dick…end-to-end in a day…


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