In a Nutshell: The Fall (2006)

Want something different? Something visually stunning? Get hold of The Fall. I’d never heard of it until recently and gave it a go last night. Wow…from the opening sequence to the very last one, you will be hooked purely because you never know how this is all going to unfold.

Very briefly, the story is about an injured stuntman Roy (Lee Pace) who, restricted to his bed, befriends a young girl Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) and starts telling her a story during their daily visits. The movie weaves “reality” i.e. the hospital/story telling part with the “imagination” i.e. the life of the story. The “story” world scenes are absolutely magnificent – from the scenery to the stunning costumes. And the soundtrack together with the vivid sound effects enhanced the whole experience. I love the way the child’s reality influences her imagination and how the two worlds constantly reference each other. I guess just the way our imagination works. As for Catinca Untaru‘s acting…absolutely outstanding.

Don’t be fooled though – it is not a light, children’s movie just because it is about a man telling a small girl a story. It gets quite dark at times.



  1. It is a great movie! I’ve seen it once and I remember it very positively, not to mention that Lee Pace is a fine, fine actor (and hot!). I think The Fall didn’t quite get the acclaims it deserves. It’s not very famous.

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  2. I loved The Fall when it came out, but I hardly remember anything about it except the visuals. The story slowly dissolved from my memory, but it has been almost 8 years and my memory is terrible. It’s probably time for a revisit. Another great post. I like your description of the two worlds constantly referencing each other. A battle between fiction and reality is one of my favourite themes in any medium.

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        1. No way! You’ve always recommended awesome stuff. One of my newly found favourite movies is all thanks to your recommendation: does Plunkett & Macleane ring a bell?
          By the way, the ones you’ve recommended in past comments haven’t been forgotten – I’ve got all bloggers and their recommendations down in a spreadsheet – I’ll get to them one movie at a time. So many movies and books to get through 😀

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