Walking north while looking south…

NutsInMay4Yep…roughly* the threat made by Captain (Walter Long) to anyone who ever mentions the word “ghost” again. Couple this with Laurel and Hardy and I’m sure you can only imagine how this will fare for them.

Captain, wanting to sail with the tide, is looking for some men to work on board his notorious ship. As to be expected, no takers at the port’s bar.

Over to our esteemed duo busy fishing during their day off from…wait for it…their fish cleaning job (don’t ask, ok?). Captain offers them a “real” job but sailing’s not for them as the ocean is “infuriated”, no, “infatuated” with sharks. They’re willing to help shanghai some men for a Dollar a piece though. Oh the tactic they use! Brilliant…until they swap places and well, hmmm, wheeeew…they wake up on the same pile of klonked-on-the-head-with-a-frying-pan men as their victims. On the ship…naturally.

Promised that nothing will happen to them while on board, they make sure they don’t leave, port after port. One of the sailors, having sneaked off to get “a little teensy weensy” drink (read “get even more drunk”), returns to the shared bunk room after having fallen into a tub of whitewash.

See where this is going?

Without spoiling the fun, let’s just say that Laurel and Hardy get into a real fine mess (yet again) with their ghost. But then, were you expecting anything else? Now I’ll let you know the Captain‘s line at * so you can let your mind wander: “If anybody ever mentions ghost to me again, I’ll take his head and I’ll twist it around, so that when he’s walking north he’ll be looking south.”.

The Live Ghost (1934) is one of my favourite Laurel and Hardy shorts. Probably because it holds special sentimental value – I fondly remember watching it, together with They Go Boom! and Men ‘O War on Super 8 film when I was young. What a fabulous experience. Although, I do really enjoy watching the pair deal with both the shanghai process and later the on-board situation. I’m grinning right now.

If you haven’t seen it, here you go:

For some more of Laurel and Hardy head on over to MovieMovieBlogBlog’s Nuts in May Blogathon.




  1. I remember watching this on the BBC when I was a child and being struck by how menacing and brutal the sea captain (Walter Long) was. The Live Ghost is another fine short from the boys at their peak, and I do love the final “head-twisting” gag!

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    1. I saw this one as a kid on public television and Walter Long’s performance destroyed my fascination with the seafaring life (my original life goal was to be a pirate).

      Getting to see L&H on Super 8 must have been a truly special experience!


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