27 Dresses (2 Reel Quirky Cats (P)reviews Nr 3)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


Congratulations to the poll winner: 27 Dresses. reelweegiemidget and I choose the poll entries by each giving two of our choices for the theme of the month and then leaving the final choice up to voters. This first round went to my selection, a real guilty pleasure that I secretly watch roughly once a year…27 Dresses (2008).

Jane (Katherine Heigl) attends wedding after wedding as a bridesmaid but never a bride. She’s always been content arranging her friends’ weddings and crushing on her boss. However, the arrival of her sister stirs things up and even more so when Jane is left to arrange an unexpected wedding while having wedding reporter Kevin hanging around.

The trailer gives us a fair idea of the story but thank goodness, doesn’t give away too much. It still leaves you wondering how this will turn out and if Jane will ultimately end up with her boss, George. It give you just enough…Jane doesn’t ever look out for herself but how this will be resolved is up to you to find out. Kevin‘s (James Marsden) role is also not very obvious – hurray!

The strange thing about this movie is that I didn’t really like it the first time I watched it. Only years late, out of the blue, did I think about it a bit more, wondering why I hadn’t liked it. Gave it another watch and tada…it kind of “grew on me”.

cropped-cat2Head on over to the other quirky cat, reelweegiemidget for her thoughts on this one. As usual, join us for a chit-chat on Twitter: @2ReelQuirkyCats



    1. Hmmm…it’s a real guilty pleasure of mine. I think it boils down to James Marsden being in it…yep, had a “shallow” moment there. He he.
      Problem is…now that we’ve just “spoken” about One Fine Day and You’ve Got Mail…it doesn’t come anywhere close. Can’t compare.

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