In a Nutshell: T2 Trainspotting

TrainspottingFinally I got around to watching T2 Trainspotting last night. Hmmm…firstly, it’s as “messed up” as the first. Secondly, I think you need to have seen the first one for this one to make a bit more sense. And thirdly, you probably will enjoy this one more if you “grew up” with the first one and are now also 20 years older.

Pretty much, all that has happened is…nothing much. 20 years have gone by since Mark Renton and his friends had their drug-fuelled escapade. Now, we just meet them as older guys still largely up to no good and trying to get by. Sick-boy, going by Simon, still an addict, runs a pub and a blackmail side job with his “girlfriend” Veronika. Spud, back to Daniel Murphy, also still an addict and about to commit suicide just as Mark turns up back in town from Amsterdam. Franco, previously Begbie, escapes prison and surprise, surprise, is still up to no good. The only one who has managed to do something is Diane, now a solicitor. The gist of the story is pretty much the guys trying to get revenge on Mark for having run off with their drug money 20 years earlier.

Not bad. Totally weird. Danny Boyle does a great job again.



  1. According to your post, I have everything required for watching this movie – I grew up on Trainspotting and so I am too 20 years older… hmmm, and I love its messed up attitude. Sounds like the movie for me.

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  2. Gahh I keep forgetting about this movie! I watched the original as part of a class in college and although I’m sure I enjoyed it, I can remember very little so I need to rewatch it before seeing T2. I need to plan a Trainspotting night 😀

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    1. I think Trainspotting was one of those that had to be seen back then when we were roughly that age too. I watched it again a few weeks back and was totally disturbed by many of the scenes – age sure makes you see things differently and as you said, things hit a bit closer. T2 works well because of the almost “real-time” years gone by and that the guys still haven’t done anything with their lives. You definitely need to be in the mood for either of these two.
      On the other hand…I must say, that’s what I love about British Film making – they don’t have the “pretty boys and girls” delivering almost predictable scenes with the happy ever after ending. Audiences are treated as intelligent viewers who require some substance.

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  3. You know I always though they would make “Porno” as a sequel. Though I’m not sure it would have translated well on screen. I think they waited way too long, and I’m not interested. Nice review!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. They did wait too long – I think the downfall of this movie is that nobody really remembers Trainspotting and/or aren’t interested because they’re a different generation. On the other hand, the fact that 20 years have gone by (both in the story and in the aging of the actors) works well in giving the viewer a feel of “these guys have done absolutely nothing constructive”.

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        1. Oh yes…that was a horrid scene. In fact, I found the whole story so much more disturbing this time round than I did when watching it 20 years ago. Maybe it’s because I’m older and things hit home more than then…
          I have the soundtrack on CD (those things 😉 )…awesome. I enjoy how T2 makes references to the soundtrack.


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