Warm Bodies (2 Reel Quirky Cats June (P)review Nr 2)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


Warm Bodies (2013) is another one of those movies that would have passed me by – not being a big horror/supernatural fan – this is out of my comfort zone (despite the “He’s Still Dead but He’s Getting Warmer” line being intriguing) . But, it just happened to be on TV. So I watched it. Kinda. I’ve never watched it to the end…well, to the end yes, but I skipped a whole chunk and then watched the last few minutes (not because it was bad, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind). However, with this trailer, I may just sit myself down and watch the whole movie properly…from beginning to end. A work colleague told me I should – “it is so sweet” he says.

Have a watch:

This trailer has me smiling. It is just too funny. In a cute, silly way. Pretty much the jist of this movie is that R (Nicholas Hoult) starts developing human responses to Julie (Teresa Palmer). It’s a refreshing take on the human/supernatural love story genre. As must be the case, there is a threat from both the humans and other supernatural beings. All par for the course. I think the trailer is well made in that it gives us enough to tempt but doesn’t spoil all the good bits.

I’ve grown fond of Nicholas Hoult since seeing him as Nux in Mad Max: Fury Road (which I’ve reviewed here) and this role suits him too. But can you ever go wrong with John Malkovich? He’s absolutely awesome.

This is a movie with a whole lot of heart (pun intended). I’ll give it a “full” watch soon. Hope the trailer has convinced you too.

Join us again next week for the poll winner of the month…while I think it may not be a pure comedy-horror (horror-comedy)…We’ll have fun anyway.

cropped-cat2As always, head on over to Realweegiemidget Reviews (here) for her take on this trailer and then join us on Twitter (@2ReelQuirkyCats) for your zombish comments. Have fun!



    1. Ah, thanks for that motivation. I just need to sit myself down and focus. Like you, I’m such a chicken – although, these kind of “horrors” I can handle – those horror “horror” ones (if you know what I mean), I can’t handle. I definitely will give it another go.


Thoughts anyone?

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