Free Fire…good fun…

I’ve had Free Fire (2016) on my radar for a long time now mainly because of Cillian Murphy and Sam Riley. Finally I got around to watching it.

Let’s say…there’s nothing much to this movie. Pretty much a weapons deal going down in an abandoned warehouse between two (I think) dodgy gangs. And you guessed it…it goes wrong. From there on all parties involved shoot at each other. For the remainder of this 90 minute movie. While you wonder why it is such a long movie of…shooting…it does actually pass quite quickly. I couldn’t stop watching because I had to know who would be left standing even though the outcome of this type of movie is often predictable. And I didn’t want to miss any of the dialogue.

What made this one really special was the character of Vernon, played by an actor I’d never heard of before: Sharlto Copley. Initial thought “ok, some actor putting on a South African accent”…then “hmmm, this guy does a convincing South African accent”…and finally…”oh wow, he is a South African! No wonder his lines flow so naturally. He’s brilliant”. I’m not sure if my husband and I were laughing at Vernon or at ourselves because he reminded us of our expressions, mannerisms and…South Africanisms almost from an “outsider” perspective. Boy did we laugh.

Keep a listen for the sound effects and minimal music especially during shooting scenes (well, during the more intense shooting scenes).

Directed by Ben Wheatley, Free Fire has Sharlto Copley stealing the show and also stars Cillian Murphy, Sam Riley, Michael Smiley, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Babou Ceesay, Noah Taylor, Jack Reymor, Mark Monero, Enzo Cilenti, Patrick Bergin, Sara Dee and Tom Davis. And that’s the entire cast.

I enjoyed this. I actually did. In a weird way I think it is one for my collection.


Thoughts anyone?

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