Swashbuckling with dragons and a princess (of course)…

I don’t know any swashbuckling movies. Really I don’t. Note to self: come back to the Swashathon for the joy of reading entries.

Then Realweegiemidget, you came along and told me I’m being silly and that I have the perfect entry. And there you have it…or, rather…here you have it…may I present my entry for Swashathon, a Blogathon of Swashbuckling Adventure: George and the Dragon (2004).

Don’t roll your eyes. Come on…it isn’t that bad. I think it such a cute movie that has you smiling (at both the good and the silly jokes/lines/actions).

We have George (played by one of my favourite actors James Purefoy), a knight returning from the Crusades with his friend Tarik (Michael Clarke Duncan). Tarik is keen for the two to track down mercenary El Cabillo but George just wants to settle down on a parcel of land with two head of cattle and possibly even a wife. King Edgaar (Simon Callow) can provide this small request but is in a tizz because his lovely Princess Lunna (Piper Perabo) has gone missing. George agrees to find her and joins up with the princess’ betrothed Garth (Patrick Swayze) on this search. However, all is well with the Princess – she’s simply decided to guard a dragon egg. Possibly the last of its kind. Tarik has his own path that ties up at one point. You’re in for horse chases, battles, galantry, thugs, knights, nuns, priests, the works with no bloodshed (other than some pinotage burgundy) and the odd swashbuckler being knocked over the head with a humongous bone (the remnants of dragon dinner). That’s about all I’ll reveal.

I always enjoy watching George come to terms with the “gentle as a lamb” Lunna, fight off loads of enemies, compete with Garth for status and be the tough man who will “do the dirty work” in dispatching a dragon egg. James Purefoy is great in these roles and perfectly balances the light comic moments with trying to be the serious knight.

George and the Dragon works well because it doesn’t try to hide the mix of American and British accents or the combining of modern mannerisms and props (think “skateboard” and “licorice” – yes, you read that right). It is what it is (I hate that expression but yes…) and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. It sure looks like lots of fun was had on set. And so you, dear viewer, should also have fun. Definitely don’t overthink this one. In fact, don’t think at all. Watch. Laugh. Enjoy.



22 thoughts on “Swashbuckling with dragons and a princess (of course)…

  1. I have not heard of this one, but if it is entertaining, I will have a look. Sometimes, I just like to watch a movie where I do not have to constantly make mental notes and I can just relax. An original entry.

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  3. I definitely did not expect to like this film as much as I did. It’s cheesy and has it’s flaws, but it’s quirky and fun – something the whole family can enjoy. I particularly liked the end-credits with the blooper reel.

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  4. How have I missed this? I love James Purefoy! I need to seek this film out. It sounds like a lot of fun. Have fun discovering swashbuckling films!

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  5. Aw thanks for the wee mention and this review x Been banging on about seeing it since you mentioned it to me xx Great review and was super surprised in not hearing of it before. Great casting too – Simon Callow and the Swizzle (Swayze) in the cast its well worth a look!

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