Not so popular popular (Unpopular Opinion Tag)

There are always those “popular” movies that everyone raves about but that just don’t gel with me. Imagine everyone had the same likes and dislikes.

Richard over at The Humpo Show tagged me and I enjoy these things so…why not? Thanks Richard! Your tag is much appreciated.

And, without further ado (be warned though…you might just want to unfollow me or throttle me or shake your head in disgust)….here are the three movies that I really don’t like despite popular opinions.

Immediately to mind comes this one:

No Country for Old Men. I’m sorry but I absolutely HATE this movie. I know, I know…hate is a very strong word but in this case…I HATE it! It is sooooo disturbing. It ends off with this feeling of hopelessness. I know that is often reality but the reason I watch movies is for escapism and there needs to be a glimmer of hope. I never got that from this one.

The other one that was all hyped up and just left me feeling down:

Up. I’m sorry…go ahead, unfollow me if you want. The opening few minutes were cute and then I was sad for the rest of the story. And despondent. And wondered why such a depressing movie was made. Definitely not one for kids. But that’s just how I feel.

And finally….

Gone with the Wind. This is based purely on my memories of watching it years and years ago. I can’t tell you what I didn’t like or why, but I remember being all excited to watch it and then….disappointed. I recall hoping for a happy end which I don’t think ever came. Ok, maybe I’ve forgotten how it all pans out. Maybe if I watch it now (yeah, right, like that’s going to happen) I’ll take a more mature view on it and enjoy it….hmmm….

The blogs I’ll tag for this one are, in no particular order (see the rules further down):

Plain, Simple Tom Reviews


Caftan Woman

Reads & Reels

Jason’s Movie Blog

Often off Topic

Taking Up Room

and Realweegiemidget, I’d double-tag you but you have this habit of adding to my To Watch list. Ok…you’re tagged again


1 – Pick 3 films that are well liked by most people, except you!

2 – Tag 5 or more people to get involved.

3 – Thank the person that tagged you. 🙂


  1. You do not like Gone with the Wind? The greatest film of all times? I read the novel first when I was 13, and because I liked the novel so much – the great novel, I loved the film. Vivien Leigh is perfect Scarlett O’Hara. I think you should re-watch it 🙂 I kinda agree with the other two films you mentioned. They deserve at least some hate from someone 🙂

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    1. Oh gosh…yes, I’m so sorry about Gone with the Wind. But, if it helps…I’ve been promising everyone I would re-watch it. I’m sure 20 plus years later I’ll have a different view of it. A less teen view 😉

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  2. I have never seen the first two, but I am sure I would also dislike them, since I have an unconquerable dislike for modern films. To be honest, though, the only modern films I have ever seen are Barbie movies and Disney fairy movies, which I watch when I was quite young. I have never seen “Gone With the Wind,” which I feel is a great disadvantage, since everyone always talks about it as the epitome of the Code era. I must watch it some day soon, and they do offer it for free on Amazon Prime. However, I am quite sure I will not like it, since I do not like Clark Gable. It also irritates me that the most famous Code film’s most famous line is a clear violation of the Code! I think everyone knows that I am referring to Rhett Butler’s infamous line to Scarlet. Obviously, I will have plenty of material when I write my unpopular film article.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan

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  3. *Gasps* Not like Gone with the Wind??? Oh, I’m not sure we can be friends any more! You must watch it again immediately! And No Country for Old Men?? But… but… it’s brilliant!! I haven’t seen Up, though, so I’ll take your word on that one… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry (hanging head…no, puppy eyes). *sigh*….
      Ok…if it helps….I did promise I’d watch Gone with the Wind again. 20 years makes a big difference in opinions so maybe I’ll love it.
      I’m not a McCarthy fan…I really struggled reading All the Pretty Horses. Gosh…you may unfriend me even more… 😉

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  4. Thanks for joining in! 🙂
    1. Not seen.
    2. Quite liked this one, but certainly not one of my favourite Disney films.
    3. I don’t think I’ve seen it all the way through, purely because it is soooooo long!

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  5. I didn’t hate it but I’m not the biggest fan of #1 either.
    I liked the first half but when Woody Harrelson showed up, it just got boring!

    Thanks for the tag – it’s a great idea and I’ve got at least 2 ready already!

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  6. I didn’t like No Country For Old Men either. No love for Gone With The Wind?! I am shocked LOL 🙂 Thanks for the tag, I’ll get working on my answers. This will be interesting. I’d like to thank you properly when I mention you in my post, but I don’t think I’ve ever caught your first name? If you have mentioned it in the past you’ll have to forgive me for forgetting. Maddy

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    1. Hey Maddy…I’m Catherine from way down South Africa way. Pleased to properly meet you 😉
      No rush with the answers – it is all about fun as and when the mood strikes.
      Hmmm…maybe I should give Gone with the Wind another try…


      1. Hey Catherine 🙂 Maybe give GWTW another go, but at the end of the day if you don’t like it you don’t like it. Have you ever read the book? I recommend it, no happy ending there either but some things are a bit different/expanded.

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          1. Hope you enjoy the book. If you still don’t get on with the film, I do recommend the miniseries Scarlett, which is a sequel from the 1994. It stars Timothy Dalton as Rhett and Joanne Whalley as Scarlett, it shows us what happened next to these characters.

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