Bond. James Bond…

Ah, finally, a reason to write about Daniel Craig‘s blue swimming trunks role as James Bond. In my favourite one of the lot…Casino Royale (2006). I know die-hard fans don’t like the latest rendition of 007 but for me, he’s given the Bond movies a lift. I’ve enjoyed 3 of the 4 he’s been in but Casino Royale is my favourite. And it doesn’t have only to do with the actor in question. I feel the latest Bond movies have a different “feel” to those that came before. To be honest, I quite like this “feel”. They come across more realistic. More believable. But then I’m no Bond expert.

The story takes place during Bond‘s early days as an agent and has him trying to take down Le Chiffre (played by wonderful Mads Mikkelsen) during a high stakes poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro. Of course there are events leading up to this tournament. As well as resulting events (one of which is Bond falling for Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the treasury employee providing the finances for the poker game). But, as is to be expected, things are not what the seem.  We’d have no story otherwise, would we?

Casino Royale had me hooked from the opening with the Chris Cornell piece “You Know my Name” (if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to the version featured in the movie – it is slightly different to that found on the single/album. Actually, scratch that, both versions are great (click here to have a listen)). Oh, and that chase scene in Madagascar must be one of the best. Accompanied by the perfect music which I listen to fairly often. If you aren’t engrossed by this stage…

Mads Mikkelsen makes for a great blood-crying villain financing terrorists (actually, he’s great in any role). I’ve just read that it is a genuine condition called Haemolacria where tears may be blood-tinged. Le Chiffre even states that it isn’t witchcraft when a business associate is a bit creeped out.

This has got to be my favourite scene (well, after the swimming costume scene…oh gosh, did I type that aloud?):

Just look at him. There’s a special tenderness that Bond shows here. A never-to-be-repeated moment. I’m convinced he genuinely feels for her here. Well, part of the Bond‘s story is that he’s still a young agent, vulnerable to his feelings which, from here on out, will never be the same.

On a totally different, more personal tangent…there’s something else about this movie. There have only been 8 movies I’ve watched (from what I can remember) that have had me emotionally hooked. I can’t explain…other than: after watching these, I’ve had my head in the clouds, had the scenes go over and over in my head as I fall asleep at night, had this strange feeling of almost having lived the story, a dazed feeling that won’t repeat on second watching. Crazy, right? I can’t say why or what but they just resonate so deeply. They trigger something. And no…it has nothing to do with the leading men. It doesn’t even come down to the romance or drama genre. It is totally random. Casino Royale is one of these 8. There’s nothing that stands out for me as a reason why. In fact, I can’t imagine a movie like this having such a profound, inexplicable effect on me but it does. Yes, yes…I’m a total nutter.

Casino Royale is directed by Martin Campbell and also stars, amongst others,  Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Tobias Menzies (you’ll recognise him from Rome), Simon Abkarian, Jesper Christensen and many more.

For some more 007 posts head on over to Maddylovesherclassicfilms. And for my addendum to this post…go here.


  1. I LOOOOVE Casino Royal!! One of my all time favourite movies and definitely the best Bond! To be honest I never cared for the Bond movies before Daniel Craig, I thought they’re just so silly… But this new version got me hooked and ever since I am counting down to each new one – and the fact Daniel’s coming back in Bond 25 felt like the best news ever lol. Love him!!!

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    1. He he…we’re alike…I never liked Bond movies until that ‘fateful’ day I saw the coolest Bond out. Daniel Craig got me hooked. Although, I honestly can’t imagine anyone else in his role…all the guesses as to who the next one will be just don’t ‘fit’ for me.

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      1. I feel the same… the day Daniel steps down from the Bond movies will be the day Bond died for me. Although… if Christopher Nolan would be to direct, I would for sure be interested! But still.. would be a Nolan movie for me then, not Bond… James Bond… 🙂 Cause he’s only one!

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          1. Its funny. I’ve also done quizzes on Bond and a post about my favourite tracks from the films. My dad is a huge fan of the series. I’ve no excuse for not watching more of them. I’m definitely doing that soon. Fun project alert 😀

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              1. Slower than I’d like. I’ve seen the first two. Really enjoyed them. Can see why the franchise was popular straight away. its great to see the starting point for so many popular culture references too.

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      1. Brosnan was hit and miss for me. I liked Goldeneye, his later films have put me off Bond till now.
        I hope you do dip into the earlier films, I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy.

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        1. Ah…I was put off the Bond (until Casino Royale) with that one where the guy had metal pieces or diamonds or something in his face. The one with that ice palace I think. Just found something fun that I’ll post during the course of today…

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  2. Casino Royale is my all-time favourite James Bond film!
    Everything is perfect- the humour, the bond girls, the villain, the cars, the plot, the card games, *THAT scene*, the depth in Bond’s character. I just want to gush about this film for ages now!

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  3. Catherine, I totally share your love for this film. Craig (and the way the film is written)made the series realistic and gritty again. When I saw this in the cinema, I remember that collectively the audience were all moved by that shower scene. I teared up a bit! It still gets me now when watching on DVD, it is one of the few scenes you see Bond let his guard down and be tender.

    I think the title sequence to this is a work of art. Have you ever read the book? The film sticks pretty close to it. I like how in both the book and the film we learn what caused Bond to be the way he is ever after (Vesper).

    Thanks for joining the blogathon.

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    1. Thanks Maddy! What a lovely comment. No, I’ve never read the book but I think I am going to do that – in fact, after watching it I was eager to read it but just never got to it. Am looking for something good so I think I’m going to get hold of it.
      I meant to comment on your post when I saw Casino Royale is on your list and likewise you commented about it giving the series some oomph, something gritty. We’re on the same wavelength then.
      Thanks so much for hosting this awesome Blogathon. Any excuse to watch Casino Royale again…and again…and again…
      PS: Also love that title sequence. It is one that comes to mind where most others are forgotten.

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      1. Thanks so much for that. I hope you like the book. All the books in this series are well worth reading. This film will never get old 🙂

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