Round 2 of not so popular popular (Unpopular Opinion Tag)

Richard over at The Humpo Show originally tagged me and I gave my contribution here. But, Realweegiemidget, who’d also been tagged, and who’s my other quirky cat partner in crime re-tagged me (Realweegiemidget, herewith you a tagged back and somehow I recall using “nix” way back in school days to block from being tagged back immediately…so “nix”… πŸ™‚ ).

Here are my next three movies that everyone liked but I didn’t (after this I’m back to positive reviews). Once again…you’ll probably be shocked and unfollow me…but…boohooo, I’ll survive…sob, sob… πŸ˜€

Good Will Hunting. I can’t remember this one too well. What I do remember is rushing out to see it because everyone went on about the brilliance of it. And thinking it didn’t make such an impression and had more “f” words than dialogue. But that’s me. And maybe it warrants a re-watch.

The Sixth Sense. Another one that everyone goes on about what a great movie it is. I didn’t think it that good. But then, maybe it had something to do with some fool telling me the “punchline” before I’d seen it. In all likelihood, that’s what ruined it for me.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? This seems to have been quite well received but I just didn’t enjoy this one. It is one of the few movies I’ve actually stopped watching – usually I’ll sit through to the end but sorry, I just couldn’t here.

So, of course Realweegiemidget is tagged (and can’t tag me back)…but, here are a few more…

Fiction Fan, I hope you can be my friend again after having shocked you with my previous list (hee, hee). I suspect this list will have you shaking your head once more though πŸ˜‰ I know you focus on books so no pressure to do this.

Anybody Got a Match?

Mettel Ray

Tranquil Dreams

pure entertainment preservation society (you and your sister are now both “officially” tagged)

And once again…the Rules:

1 – Pick 3 films that are well liked by most people, except you!

2 – Tag 5 or more people to get involved.

3 – Thank the person that tagged you. πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for tagging me and my sister! We are both very pleased. We will each write an article about three films we dislike. These should be posted at the end of the month or in early August. We appreciate the gesture. We’ve never been tagged for anything before.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany and Rebekah Brannan

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  2. Hehehe – thanks for the tag! OK, I forgive you for Gone with the Wind! You’re safe this time – none of these films is a great favourite of mine. I gave up on Oh, Brother halfway through too, and though I loved Sixth Sense, it was purely because of the twist – now knowing that, I’ve never had any desire to watch it again. And I’ve never really fancied watching Good Will Hunting – just never appealed for some reason.

    I shall have to put my thinking cap on now… πŸ˜€

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  3. I think the first film is very good, but I don’t get the massive hype around it. The second film I love, I think that having it spoiled before you saw it obviously made it lose its impact. The third I’m not a fan of either. I like the Coen Brothers films, but this one not so much.

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  4. I really like the first two!
    I’ve only seen Sixth Sense once, which I think is the right amount given if I watch it again then the crucial plot point is known before watching it and I might have a similar reaction as you did.

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  5. Oh no.. I like two of these three and one is almost like my favourite even. πŸ˜€ Thanks for tagging me! I’ll get to this soon, not today since it’s Thursday but maybe tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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