My Five (Modern) Stars…

Inspired by the Five Stars Blogathon that invited bloggers to list their five favourite movie stars with an explanation as to why they are loved (from the silents to the 70s), I’ve decided to list my 5 (+1) favourites from the 70s to now.

In no particular order (well, maybe a little):

Daniel Day-Lewis

Without much thought required, and most of you already know it but Daniel Day-Lewis is my absolute favourite “modern-day” actor. He’s just brilliant. Full stop. I always enjoy the roles he takes on from the first one I ever saw as Hawkeye (naturally my favourite) to the lesser known Jack (The Ballad of Jack and Rose) and all those before, after and in between. I thoroughly enjoy his acting style, his screen presence, everything. He’s not an actor, no…he’s an artist.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges, another fantastic artist. I’ve yet to watch a movie that he wasn’t excellent in. I was “introduced” to him many years ago as a 24 year old in the 1973 role of Zack Feather in Lolly Madonna XXX (as in kiss, kiss, kiss signed on a postcard). A relatively unknown movie (which I’ll review soon), since seeing him there he was always on my favourite list despite the fact that none of my friends knew whom I was talking about.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is…well…great. So often we “associate” actors/actresses with roles they take on…not her. She’s Stepmother without me ever thinking of Veronica Guerin or Elizabeth. All distinct characters. Brilliantly potrayed. Superb all around.

Michael Fassbender

This actor snuck up on me unexpectedly and now I’d (almost) never miss a movie of his. It all started with the unassuming Centurion (which I was soooo close to not watching)…well, technically with 300 where he caught my attention but I couldn’t quite identify who he was. It goes beyond his acting roles though. I’ve seen him a few times on the Graham Norton Show and he always comes across so fun and genuine (or so it appears). And a certain part of his anatomy in Shame has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Honestly.

Cillian Murphy

Simply excellent. Cillian Murphy is so versatile in the roles he picks…from John/Emma Skilpa in Peacock, to my crushable Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. He’s even given the romantic lead a go in Watching the Detectives. And so many more brilliant roles that makes him one of my top 5.

Guy Pearce

Are you sitting down? Well, here I must confess…I initially disliked Guy Pearce because of his role in The Count of Monte Cristo (how shallow I am). Then came The Proposition and I was hooked. Now I even like his Edmond Dante role. I’ve since caught up with Memento (how utterly brilliant) and whole lot more including The Rover.

Reducing lists to a specific number, especially 5 (6), is extremely difficult but special mention goes to the following actors who I’ll generally watch no matter what they are in: Dame Judi Dench, Keira Knightley, Donald Sutherland and Sam Rockwell.








        1. I’m just not his biggest fan…I always see him as Arnie Grape no matter how hard I try to see him as an adult. Although, Inception started to change my mind…I’ll just have to watch a whole lot more of him…

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            1. Drat…you got me…Inception…CM. Well, not really – heard Inception was excellent and decided to watch it.
              Wasn’t a fan of Romeo/Juliet or Titanic. Started Gatsby but got side-tracked…will give it another go. Actually, my comment is out of line – he’s great. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Body of Lies, The Departed as well as Gangs of New York. So, take that back…he’s great. I think it is more the boyish look than his acting abilities that I need to get over.

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  1. Your list is very curious. Daniel Day-Lewis and Cate Blanchett are, of course, the greatest! And Fassbender is not too far behind. Cillian Murphy and Guy Pearce are dark horses, aren’t they? I generally love them in the supporting roles.I thought Murphy was good in Inception and in Red Eye, and recently Pearce just blew me away in Brimstone.

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Thoughts anyone?

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