Bridget, Mark and Daniel…

Bridget Jones’s Diary (I’m sure school told us no ‘s after s…so Jones’ not Jones’s…but I digress). To the topic at hand…

Bridget Jones, Mark Darcy and Daniel Clever or Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. The threesome for the My Favourite Threesome Blogathon over at MovieMovieBlogBlog.

As I’m sure you know by now, Bridget Jones, in her thirties, drinks, swears and constantly worries about her weight. And is the middle of a little love triangle. She keeps encountering all formal and serious Mark Darcy whom she’s known since they were kids. And then, there’s Daniel Cleaver, her boss. Did I mention that Bridget so desperately wants to have a boyfriend? Preferably the man who embodies all the undesirable qualities she lists in her diary. So, between misunderstandings, all sorts of antics and Bridget being Bridget we have…Bridget Jones’s Diary.

I thoroughly enjoy this first Bridget Jones movie because the three leads ‘gel’ so well. They are all different enough to create an good dynamic. However, having characters that make up a good trio on paper doesn’t always translate well to the screen if the casting hasn’t been done to support this. Here, the actors selected are just perfect resulting in a natural feel. There is enough contrast between the three leads to create believable conflict and relationships yet not so different that realistically they’d never cross paths.

Poor Bridget bumbling along trying way too hard and still just not getting it. At times one really feels sorry for the gal yet at other times one just wants to tell her to get with it, grow up, open her eyes and stop being so silly. And to move on. But then Mark Darcy comes along being all nice again. And Daniel Cleaver does something kind of charming yet totally sleezy. And Bridget is once again stuck in the middle. Poor Bridge.

But they work. The three of them absolutely work.



  1. I love Bridget Jones. When I first saw this I was totally torn about who she should choose, Mark or Daniel. As the film went on it became clear that Mark was the only one for her. I don’t like the two sequels as much because it’s clear Bridget and Mark are supposed to be together but they kept bringing Daniel back to tempt her. In the most recent one she is with someone else and not Mark. Just wrong LOL.

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      1. Glad I’m not alone in disliking the sequels. I thought the 3rd one was terrible and them not being together didn’t make sense.

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  2. I will probably never watch this movie as I have an aversion to most things Renee Zellweger, so I’m glad I had your review to read instead. You summed up the movie’s charms very nicely. Thank you for contributing to the blogathon!

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