I’ll be back…

…just as soon as I find my feet and manage to touch sides. With moving to a new country, starting a job, filling in reams of paperwork and everything else (including leaving for work just after 5am and getting home late)…I’m not managing to find any time to read, watch movies or just relax. So…until I manage to regroup I’ll be lying low for a while.

I’ll still be doing the Now and Then Blogathon with Realweegiemidget Reviews and the 2 Reel Quirky Cat (P)reviews but I can’t promise much more. I mean, I need time to watch movies, read and listen to music in order to blog about such topics…and I’m finding no time at all.



  1. Please don’t feel like you’re letting anybody down. I know I felt bad when I didn’t contribute to your blogathon last month, life gets in the way and blogging is just a nice diversion.
    You’re going through a massive change and I’m just happy to hear you’re loving it. More power to your elbow!

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    1. Thanks Maddy. I feel so bad letting everyone down. Also feel like I’m not following through but I just can’t…
      I really appreciate your support. I didn’t realise that this change in my life was such a big thing…in a positive way. I’m loving it but wow…there is so much to do.
      Enjoy the rest of your week Maddy.

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