The Others (2 Reel Quirky Cats October (P)review)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


Continuing with the theme of ghouls and such, here is a brief trailer review of The Others. And while I write this…I realise that for The Hand I stated “Rest assured, this month all my previews will be of trailers of movies I’ve never watched.”…well, hmmm, I lied….I have actually watched The Others but can’t remember a thing…other than Nicole Kidman being in it.

Here’s the trailer…which I’ll get to shortly…

…and, even the trailer didn’t bring back any memories of this movie at all. Weird as usually trailers trigger some or other reminder of what the movie was about. In context of the 2 Reel Quirky Cat Trailer review series I guess I could say that it is a pretty good trailer as it gives nothing away. Yes, there are some creepy people, mainly children, hanging around an old house but other than that I think we don’t get too much from the preview. I’m guessing that there was some psychological thriller explanation behind all of the events that freak Nicole Kidman‘s character out. Ok fine, I did look up some trivia for the daily clues on Twitter and apparently the children have a disease that really exists but hang on…those are her children…now I’m confused. I should re-watch…ha ha, probably not. Oh well, moving along.  So, as with most horrors, a plausible explanation for the story. But I really can’t tell you much more as from the snippets above you get what you get.

cropped-cat2 Realweegiemidget Reviews gives you here take on it (here) and as always, head on over to Twitter (@2ReelQuirkyCats) for comments and chit chat. See you there…




Thoughts anyone?

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