The Shining (2 Reel Quirky Cats October (P)review – Poll Winner)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


To finish off the months of ghost and ghastly ghouls, here’s The Shining, our poll winner. I’ve seen “that” classic picture of Jack Nicholson so many times. I know without a moment’s hesitation that it is from The Shining. But never have I watched even the trailer. Perfect opportunity to do so. Here it is (for those of you like me who’ve never seen it) followed by the still I was on about…

Ok…so…I’ve finally got a slight clue as to what this movie is about. I’m sorry…but, however excellent Jack Nicholson is in the trailer (and therefore he’s brilliant in the movie)….I am absolutely not, ever, going to watch the movie. I looks terrifying. Scary. Disturbing. Gruesome. (You might add Brilliant but I’m not taking the bait).

All I can say is that this trailer has, scary bits aside, been done really well. Love the way Jack Nicholson‘s character is all supposedly nice and friendly and “normal” yet you can immediately see that he is absolutely psychotic. He appears perfect for this role (and I’m sure he is). And yes, this is a trailer that gives you just enough to entice you but never enough to ruin the movie. It has that perfect balance that trailers should be. In fact, this is one that shows (I think) that this is both a gory and psychological horror. Not that I’ll ever find out…tee hee.

So, I’m going to dress up for Halloween now (not really) and enjoy the lighter side of the genre. Happy Halloween!

cropped-cat2 Realweegiemidget Reviews gives you her take on it (here) and as always, head on over to Twitter (@2ReelQuirkyCats) for comments and chit chat. See you there…




  1. Oh, watch it! It’s not that scary… Take it from someone who suffered from nightmares after watching Paranormal Activity and yet watched The Shining late at night in the dark with no nightmare leftovers… It’s a fantastic Thriller / Horror that doesn’t leave any nightmare-ish trails. A classic! Trust me.

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