Chocolate and more….Chocolat

Aaah, think chocolate. Delicious, mouth-watering chocolate (not the shop-bought-wrapper-clad-mass-produced-chocolate). Chocolate like you won’t find in any shop. That wonderful, feel-good one that is hand-made with love. Oh how I wish Vianne‘s chocolate shop (and it is so more than just a chocolate shop) really existed in my vicinity.

Chocolat (2000), based on a novel (which in my opinion doesn’t hold the same magic as the movie), is about drifting Vianne (Juliette Binoche) who comes (with the North Wind) to a French village to open a chocolaterie (can I say that?). Accompanied by her daughter, Anouk (Victoire Thivisol) and her imaginary rabbit Pantoufle (although, in my mind it is always a kangaroo for some reason), she does more than just open a shop…she opens a place where the villagers can be themselves, open up with their troubles, reveal their secrets (and those of others). But, all of this doesn’t come without stirring up some controversy amongst some of the locals.

Since this is a Food in Movies Blogathon…each time I watch Chocolat I am left mouthwatering. The delightful masterpieces Vianne creates, including the hot chocolate are simply tantalising. And even more special is her way of knowing exactly which delicacy suits which taste bud at the relevant moment. Of all the chocolately items she has on offer…I will always dream of the hot chocolate. Although, the one I was privileged to taste in Buenos Aires a number of years back comes pretty much close on fulfilling that dream.

Subconsciously, in creating her specialities Vianne is creating them as much for herself as for others and in doing so, helping not only the village but herself. A wonderful heartwarming movie with a great cast of characters including Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina, CarrieAnne Moss, Leno Olin, Peter Stormare and many more. Wonderfully directed by Lasse Hallström, this is the perfect feel-good movie.

Now I’m off to savour some chocolate….

(Head on over to Speakeasy and Silver Screenings for more food related Blogathon entries. Thanks for hosting. I’m hungry now…)



  1. This film is so lovely! It made me a Juliette Binoche fan, and it also pleased my whole family. And, well, now I’m also hungry!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂

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  2. That’s a great film and chocolates are really mouth-watering there! It is interesting how Vianne is offering to Depp’s character all these individually wrapped chocolates, and all he says is “it is not my favourite”. They would have all been my favourite lol.

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  3. I LOVE the way chocolate is filmed in “Chocolat”. It’s impossible to NOT eat chocolate while watching it, in my opinion. It’s perfect with a good quality dark chocolate…

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your review and your loving tribute to this film. It has really interesting characters and I love Juliette Binoche as Vianne.

    Thank you for joining us… Now I’ve got to scour the kitchen for some lovely chocolate…

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  4. Chocolat is a sweet confection. I devoured this film in one sitting, and then let it linger on my taste buds. Overall it left me with a kind of bittersweet feeling, but I’d happily take another bite out of it.

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