Lightly dusted with snow…

So, maybe I haven’t lived in Europe long enough but wow…winter is just gorgeous…and that atmosphere. I know it is cliché but it really does look like someone has dusted the trees with icing sugar…


…ok, ok, fine, let’s talk again next winter. This is still that “new” phase where everything is wonderful (I’ve never seen so many beautiful icicles and gaze in awe at frozen waterfalls) and after a few winters I probably won’t appreciate it anymore…well, hopefully I will, as it is magnificent. Oh…we even had sun today but I couldn’t take any pics as I was stuck at the office! And my first really cold weather experience… -12 Degrees Celsius is a tad chilly when barely awake and heading to work in the morning…it did go up to a nice warm -1 though.


Isn’t nature amazing? The “live” version is spectacular.


  1. I’ve been snowed under this week too, just consider yourself lucky to live in Switzerland. It’s grim here in England at the best of times, but even worse when the country grinds to a halt at the first sign of inclement weather!
    Have a great Sunday!

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    1. Oh dear…I’ve heard from family what chaos it was with a little snow. Sorry to hear it was a nightmare…I am fortunate to live here where…well, life continues…although last Thursday was treacherous on the roads made worse by being my first driving in heavy snow experience ever.
      And wow…since Sunday…spring has sprung and the sun is out…what a gorgeous few days…

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  2. Great pictures! I’m snowed in at the moment and feeling grumpy about it, but I do agree – snowy landscapes are fabulous! I’d hate to live anywhere where there were no harsh winters – I much prefer cold to hot. Glad you’re enjoying your first taste of it!

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