I’ve fallen in love…

….sigh, ah…where do I start? That, I shouldn’t have waited this long to discover my feelings? That, I’ve realised we shouldn’t judge people by their apparent looks? Or, is it sufficient to say…Mr Darcy? I suspect for most of you, that should sum it up perfectly…right?

1200px-PrideAndPrejudiceTitlePage.jpgSo, now that it is all out in the open…I can’ believe it took me so long to “read” Pride and Prejudice. That is just soooo inexcusable…isn’t it? I say “read” because it wasn’t a book but the Audiobook in the car the last two weeks. And never before have I wanted to carry on driving purely to get in a few more minutes of listening. Thank goodness I have the book at home (have had so for years and years) so sneaked (or is it snuck?) in some proper reading when I had the moment. It is one of those books that I didn’t want to end (but did, because I needed to know how it ends – even though I already kind of knew…make sense?). And, when it did end (all too soon), I wanted nothing more than to start at the beginning again.

I’ve always loved the movie (the Matthew Macfadyen one) but now, seeing how much character and story development, dialogue and other is left out, it isn’t quite the same. The book absolutely tops it by miles. Not to say I don’t like the movie anymore. But I can’t get the full story, as intended by Jane Austen, out of my mind.

And make no mistake…it isn’t only about the gentleman mentioned above. It’s about all the wonderful characters and how they make for a story that is timeless. I’m sure we all know a Miss Bingley or a Mrs Bennet whose snotty or  ignorant comments are no different now as back then.

And how wonderful to visualise the movie Mr Darcy for an entire book! Yes, yes…sorry, but I just couldn’t resist…



    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. Really appreciate it.
      I think Easter snuck up on us both…I’ve likewise got the goodies but haven’t been able to post them yet. Was going to tell you so last night and suddenly today was here. Tomorrow it will be done though.
      Have a wonderful Easter!

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      1. I saw the BBC series years after it came out and then watched the film. I actually think the film is great, the actors look a little more gorgeous, some of the side characters are done better and it is very cinematic. But I really do love Firth and Ehle and so while I think both do a great job I do like the series more. Will be interested to hear your thoughts as a lover of the film.


  1. Yeah I’m not always such a fan of these period books, but this one is just special. It’s so great that you can enjoy it so much even after you’ve seen the film – and in fact it sounds like you enjoyed it all the more.


  2. Just as well it’s Matthew you’re after and not my Colin! Though I must say as adaptations go, the Firth/Ehle at around six hours, I think, gets in far more of the story in the book than any average length film could do. Glad you’ve finally joined the club! 😀

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      1. Darcy’s the best hero without a doubt, but I actually think Sense and Sensibility is the best book. But Northanger Abbey is great fun too – a lighter read, and full of humour and romance… 😀


  3. Welcome to the Austen Club😊 I love the book and most of the film depictions, even the ones with zombies LOL
    Of course, the A&E mini series (1995) is the best… very well done and it had over 5 hours to tell the tale. I love the film version too in 2005 and like the one in 1940 with Geer Carson, even though they set it in the the wrong century …1900s LOL

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  4. Glad to hear how much you’ve enjoyed this book, Cat. It is amazing isn’t it? I love Jane Austen’s work, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and Emma are my favourites.

    I can’t stand the 2005 film. The dialogue and scenes are too rushed. I see no chemistry between Keira and Matthew. Matthew (who is a good actor)comes across as very wooden to me.

    If you want to see the screen adaptations that best capture the novel and do it justice, then try Pride and Prejudice (1995, miniseries) and Pride and Prejudice (1980, miniseries).

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    1. Ah thanks Maddy. I’ll give the two recommendations a go but at the moment I’m still swooning from the book. Like it holds something special that anything else will ruin. *sigh* I am sooooo floating from the experience.

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