Gunslingers, cattle drives, bank robberies and more…

…The Great Western Blogathon is only 10 days away. Never too late to sign up for the cattle drive. All ranch hands welcome. Sheriffs, lawmen and outlaws too. Settlers. Saloon gals and cowgirls. Posses and bounty hunters. Apaches and Comanches. Drifters too. Pony express riders, homesteaders and their families, braves, railroad laborours and corrupt railroad barons. Circuit Judges, Indian Chiefs and barbers. Senoritas and schoolmarms. And all those I’ve missed (not because they are lesser)…bring them on…

I look forward to reading about all the wonderful western movies out there on the 14th April 2018. For the Announcement Post click here and the current roster is listed below. Feel free to join in by sending me a note in the comments area.


SearchersPoster-BillGold Now “live”:

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films

 A_Million_Ways_to_Die_in_the_West_poster Now “live”:

Realweegiemidget Reviews

 220px-Death_rides_a_horse Now “live”:

Cracked Rear Viewer

 Robertryan2 Phyllis Loves Classic Movies
TheNewLand Now “live”:

Cinematic Scribblings

 Winchester73 Now “live”:

Moon in Gemini

 django-unchained-poster Now “live”:

Movie Movie Blog Blog

 War_Wagon_film_poster.jpg Now “live”:

The Midnite Drive-In

 Poster_-_Train_Robbers,_The_(1973)_01 Now “live”:

The Midnite Drive-In

 BigJake Now “live”:

The Flapper Dame

 Broken_Arrow_Film_Poster Now “live”:

Christina Wehner

 The_Man_Who_Shot_Liberty_Valance Now “live”:

Taking Up Room

 Dodge_City_1939_Poster Now “live”:

LA Explorer

 Hondo_1953 Now “live”:


 Saddle-the-wind_poster Now “live”:

Shadow & Substance

 Hombre_(film) Now “live”:


 220px-Barbary_Coast_1935_poster In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood


Thoughts anyone?

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