The Great Western Blogathon has ridden into town…

GreatWesternBlogathon2…that big day has finally arrived. As the tumbleweeds roll through the dusty landscape and the lonely cowboy whistles a melancholy tune by his campfire, the honky tonk piano from the nearby town provides the backdrop for this blogathon.

The western movie has been very dear to my since I was a little girl. Don’t ask my why that genre in particular – I don’t know myself. It just had the power to draw me in and whisk me away into that romanticised notion/dreams of being a cowgirl. Maybe it came down to the way I was introduced to movies in the first place (through the “rescued” Super 8 movies) or something about John Wayne in the first western I can remember seeing (more to that in my own post for the blogathon). But whatever it was, this genre holds something that raises it a little higher above the other genres I love. But, enough of me and let me hand you over to the wonderful bloggers who have joined in (a great big thank you for your time and efforts). And don’t forget to ride into town during the course of the day to see what else has landed up in the saloon roster:



Cinematic Scribblings brings us The New Land (1972), a movie I’d never heard of before now. It tells the story of settling the West from a different perspective – that of a Swedish family and their coming to America. It’s about the realities of acting on those dreams. The hardships and joys faced. The perfect theme to start us off in this blogathon.

Here is the post: A Dream Made Flesh: The New Land (1972)


MovieMovieBlogBlog, self-admittedly not a big Western fan still joined my Blogathon (thank you, really appreciated) and wrote about his exception to the genre: Django Unchained (2012). And, as to be expected with Quentin Tarantino, this one is brutal and well…Tarantino…from the story to the political incorrectness.

Here is the post: DJANGO UNCHAINED (2012) – Quentin Tarantino’s answer to GONE WITH THE WIND



The Midnite Drive-In brings you two wonderful movies. The first, The Train Robbers (1973), is one I’ve (ashamedly) not seen before but am going to rectify that as a matter of urgency. How could I not have seen John Wayne robbing a train and at the same time trying to do good?

But, at least I had seen The War Wagon (1967), the second movie in the post. Here we have John Wayne robbing a wagon of gold but for totally different reasons.

Here is the post: There’s Gold in Them Thar Trains

A_Million_Ways_to_Die_in_the_West_poster Realweegiemidget Reviews has me laughing as she reminds us of the antics, cliches and comedy that is A Milling Ways to Die in the West (2014). She also has me wanting to watch this again…as in immediately…as she mentions a host of cameos but won’t say who or when.

Here is the post: A Million Ways to Die in the West

Christina Wehner brings us the tragic struggle between settlers and Apaches in Broken Arrow (1950). Here, individuals across cultures can see beyond and overcome mass hatred in a story based loosely on facts.

Here is the post: Broken Arrow (1950)


What Blogathon would be complete without John Ford’s The Searchers (1956) starring John Wayne? Maddy Loves Her Classic Films gives us some thoughts to ponder that give this classic film more depth than one realises on first viewing.

Here is the post: The Searchers (1956)


Hondo (1953) a thoughtful John Wayne western that I was coincidentally pondering to watch just the other day is confirmed as one to definitely seek out by portraitsbyjenni. It brings together half-breed Hondo, Angie, her young son and Apache Chief Vittorio to make for some great viewing.

Here is the post: For the Great Western Blogathon, 1953’s Hondo


Moon in Gemini brings her all-time favourite western to the Blogathon – Winchester ’73. It is about a Winchester gun and the “owners” it has as well as a shooting contest in which this gun is the highly coveted prize.

Here is the post: The Great Western Blogathon: Winchester ’73 (1950)


Have you ever wondered who shot Liberty Valance? Taking up Room writes about a young lawyer, an infamous outlaw, a sheriff who doesn’t enforce the law and an “unofficial” lawman who does. We even have a love triangle in this one. All in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962).

Here is the post: Who Really Shot Liberty Valance?


Cracked Rear Viewer brings us Spaghetti Western Death Rides a Horse with Lee van Cleef and John Phillip Law playing a game of cat and mouse. Revenge of a little boy, now grown up, having witnessed his family’s brutal murder.

Here is the post: Best Served Cold: DEATH RIDES A HORSE (United Artists 1967; US release 1969)


Shadow & Substance discusses some great dialogue, amongst other things of course, in Saddle the Wind (1958). And, the decisions made when brothers need to face each other, when there are conflicts of opinion, when one’s conscience goes against what direct family believes…

Here is the post: Saddling Up With Serling: A Pre-TZ Wild West Detour


MovieRob tells us about what he thinks is Paul Newman’s best role. Hombre (1967) deals with prejudice and the fight for survival as we see the story of a white man, raised by Apaches, who is the last hope for some stagecoach drivers.

Here is the post: The Great Western Blogathon – Hombre (1967)


The Flapper Dame counts five reasons as to why Big Jake (1971) is a worthy John Wayne movie. Never mind the fact that is has John Wayne, Patrick Wayne and Ethan Wayne all taking on roles as family. Michael Wayne even produces with John Wayne.

Here is the post: Great Westerns Blogathon – Big Jake (1971)


You want to see a good saloon brawl? Dodge City (1939) has just that and more. LA Explorer presents on of her favourites where a cattleman experiences the lawlessness of Dodge City and decides to step in.

Here is the post: Spotlight on Dodge City


I bring you some of my favourite and other special westerns, purely because I couldn’t decide on just one.

Here is the post: Westerns and more Westerns

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  5. I love westerns, have done ever since I watched Red River at my grandmothers as a small boy.
    Enjoy the weekend, I’ll look forward to reading your entry as and when.
    “Slap some bacon on a biscuit and lets go. Were burnin daylight”

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