Help…please…this Privacy and Cookies banner is driving me insane…

…on my own darn Blog I repeatedly need to click the Accept and Close button just to have the banner reappear….why oh why? Other blogs seem to have this banner go away on my subsequent visits nope, not my own one…like it doesn’t register that I’ve clicked anything. Even when I preview posts, check appearance…anything.

Where have I missed a step? I’ve added the widget, set the defaults and can’t see anything else to be done other than to save.



    1. Ah…thanks for that Gill. Was very nice that they at least sent it back to you. A well travelled chocolate it will be – seen the world ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes…saw your Lee Grant blogathon and really have no idea who she is (well, other than what I’ve read online). Will need to see what is available to watch and get back to you.

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          1. So took your chocolate to Post Office today for some reason it got sent back unopened from Switzerland so now re-sent chocolate from Finland with my from address scored out in case that had confused people (despite the fact it said from above it and I wrote to above your address). Anyway hoping you will get it soon (again).. the saga continues!

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  1. GDPR has driven us all insane! I was the one in charge of re-writing an updating Privacy Notes at my work, and I can tell you… the buttons, email updates, notifications, cookie statements and such, are making me very very ill. LOL. I’m with you!

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Thoughts anyone?

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