You learn something every day…

broadwaybanner51Yep, there’s always something new. I mean, can you believe that only recently (I’d say late last year, early this one) I discovered that there was actually a Broadway production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? The movie I’ve been watching ever since I can remember (it comes tie with the number of times I’ve watched The War Wagon, also ever since I can remember). I absolutely adored this musical when I was young (and still have a very soft spot for it now), especially Milly (Jane Powell) and her wonderful dresses. Not to forget her fluttering eyelashes and that wonderful voice.


So, one evening, fairly recently as I’ve mentioned, I was wondering what else Jane Powell and Howard Keel starred in together (and was also curious about all the other brothers and sisters of said movie) while surfing (or rather, trawling) the web, as is bound to happen,  along came a webpage with characters that didn’t look familiar. Huh? What’s this? Ah, not a remake or such but a stage production. Broadway in 1982. And various others too.

When the Broadway Bound Blogathon came along I got all excited to enter this movie but, alas, looking at it in a bit more detail, I read that it wasn’t really successful on Broadway or subsequently in London. Well, I guess the “original” was (is) special so, while I’m sorry that the live performances didn’t make it, in a way I’m also relieved that my precious childhood movie treasure stays exactly that…special. Although, not all is bad – the Broadway version did receive a Tony nomination for best musical score.

I’m not going to go into the story…I’m sure you all know it by now. So, at risk of warbling on and on, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Rather head on over to Taking Up Room  over here to read up some more Broadway entries…or read my second entry in this Blogathon, a personal little gem called Proof, over here.




  1. Huh, this is interesting–I never knew there was a stage version of Seven Brides. And ahhh, Howard Keel. I saw him play Daddy Warbucks in the roadshow of Annie, although I was only four at the time, so I had no idea how good I had it.Thanks for joining the blogathon!

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  2. A Broadway production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? That was news to me too. Exciting! I really love the movie. As far as I can see no one had the desire to enter “Carrie” into this blogathon. From what I have heard, this is the worst film(book)-to-musical production that ever graced the earth.


  3. I enjoyed Jane Powell and Howard Keel in touring productions of South Pacific and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre back in the early 1980s. When Howard Keel walked out on stage in that buckskin costume and started singing “Bless Your Beautiful Hide” you could feel the audience sigh as one.

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