Abandoned…so I could have him…

There’s a new addition to the family…meet Ingwe (“Leopard” in Zulu/Xhosa). He had been repeatedly spotted at a “fortress” without a mother for a week. When he was seen walking (or stumbling) around in circles and walking into things because his eyes were so badly stuck shut and yellow stuff oozing from them and his nose, someone brought him to the “animal mother” (and my neighbour). She really couldn’t take in another rescue (her house has plenty)…so here I am (formerly a “dog person”)…totally in love with my little boy…and now a “cat and dog person”…

In 4 days he has gained a whole lot of weight (no longer skin and bones) and has gone from an estimated 7 weeks old to roughly 9 (according to the vet). His eyes have almost cleared up and most of all…he’s a mischievous, happy little darling…

So rewarding having watched him go from lethargic to a playful kitten…


  1. Aw, he’s gorgeous! Lucky little cat to have found a lovely home! And lucky you to have found him! I’m going to sob a bit now about how lucky you both are… aren’t kittens just the sweetest, softest things?

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  2. Awww! He is adorable. What a lovely story, Cat.

    I love cats so much and find the human/animal bond with them more meaningful than with a dog. Cats choose of their own free will to be with us or not to be with us and that to me is something special.

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