Passionate Piano – Mein Herz Brennt…

Don’t look at the grotesque video yet…read first 😀 .

I’m on a bit of a rock-musicians-gone-classical-ish roll at the moment. Back in 2001, Rammstein released their third album Mutter on which there was Mein Herz Brennt. All-in-all, not too shabby. BUT…then came 2012 and a Piano version was released. And my oh my…what a piece it is. I think it almost more passionate than the ‘band’ version. I appreciate the tender, light sections which move on to the “Rachmanninov’y” type bits. Great listening (I just want to turn it up full volume and sing along with the “big” sections) with Til Lindemann‘s deep raspy voice bringing an interesting slant to an otherwise “classical” sounding piano piece.

So ignore the visuals on the official video below, click play, close your eyes and just listen. You’ll be amazed at what you hear:




Thoughts anyone?

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