To Catch a Thief (1955)…

To_Catch_a_ThiefI’m really (gosh…I’m embarrassed to admit) a newbie when it comes to things Hitchcock, so, any excuse will do to increase my repertoire…this time…Grace Kelly. Ah, I absolutely love her performances. Hence To Catch a Thief for Maddy’s Blogathon.

She’s Frances, who, together with her rich widow mother, is holidaying on the French Riviera where a jewel thief is at work. Here too we find, supposedly “former” or “retired”, jewel thief John Robie aka The Cat (Cary Grant). Naturally, suspicion falls on him. Even his former gang believe he is back in full swing of things ruby and such. However, John really is “clean” and sets out to find out the copycat Cat (ha ha, that wasn’t intended). Along the way he, or is it the other way, Frances, fall(s) in love…with each other, of course. And…yes, the identity of the roof-top-sneaking-burglar is revealed.


But, it isn’t only the actors that count here. The story is, as usual, so clever. Tied up with some great cinematography and a perfectly fitting score (I think there’s a distinctive sound to Hitchcock soundtracks), the resulting movie is worth a watch. Having a weakness for romance (in non-romance genre movies), I quite enjoyed this who-dunnit. Even though I started having my own suspicions as to who was who…

This was to be the last of Grace Kelly‘s movies with Hitchcock and sadly, one of the last few movies she made at all.

Now, I guess it is about time I tackle the famous Psycho or The Birds…I suspect there is no romance there…

Maddy, thanks for hosting this Blogathon (more entries here) and getting me to watch more of these wonderful oldies.

I still like Spellbound the best (here). My thoughts on Notorious can be found here. And I’ll always have a special place for Grace Kelly as Amy Fowler Kane in the brilliant High Noon (here).



  1. I’m happy you enjoyed this great movie! I almost discovered who was the thief before the revelation, but that time my detective skills betrayed me.

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  2. It’s not the best Hitchcock, but it’s stylish and a lot of fun. If you’re new to Hitchcock then you’re in for a treat. If you like this one then maybe try North by Northwest next, or Rear Window.

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      1. The movie has a love triangle (Suzanne Pleshette plays Rod Taylor’s ex-girlfriend). And Rod’s mom, played by Jessica Tandy, is jealous of Tippi and Suzanne, so you could say that three women are fighting for Rod … this is happening in the midst of angry birds attacks. 🙂

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  3. There’s so much to enjoy in this film – the locations, the cast, the cheeky script and of course beautiful Grace and her costumes. To Catch a Thief is such a great escapist movie. Perfect viewing for a dark, grey winter’s evening.

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  4. Glad you enjoyed this one, Cat. It’s such good fun. Often gets dismissed as one his lightest films, but there is so much to enjoy about it and it does have some serious dark moments. Grace and Cary have terrific chemistry, and I don’t think she ever looked more beautiful or elegant!

    I hope you check out many more of his films soon. Thanks so much for joining me.

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