Animal Farm…thought provoking

I’d always “known” about Animal Farm by George Orwell but it is another of those books that, embarrassingly, I’ve never gotten around to read. Until now…and I should have read it a long time ago. But then, I’ve always believed that a book finds you at the right time…

…you see, I’ve been on a serious reading drought for the last, hmmm, two years…but, recently a work colleague recommended it. Said it was a nice thin book that I’d get through quickly. Hmmm, ja, maybe, we’ll see…besides, I don’t like asking people for their books…but somehow I asked after all…

Well worth it. And yes, it is a quick and easy read, but by no means to be underestimated. It is thought provoking both while you are reading and long afterwards.

The story, is about a bunch of farm animals who are convinced of a cause. Of getting rid of humans and running the farm themselves. Such they do, starting off with reasonable ideals and living well as a community. But, from the get-go, you have an inkling around the cracks that are inevitably going to appear. Of course, as the story unfolds, these cracks get bigger and bigger and by the end, the initial cause is no longer recognisable, although, you saw this coming all along. It’s all so clear. Well, obviously not to the animals. Or maybe it was?

While the allegory is on the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and the following Stalinist era, I wouldn’t restrict it to that – reading it, many other situations/events came to mind. In fact, we can simply go down to a general human nature level with this book. I’m sure you too will be able to pick out people you know. Look no further than your circle of acquaintances (possibly even friends), people you engage with at work or just the community on the whole. Interestingly, Mollie, Boxer, Clover and Benjamin immediately brought known people to mind, even Moses seemed familiar. In fact every single animal or group of animals could be associated in some way or other in the current time.

As for the helplessness or inevitability of the situation…nothing more frustrating than being the outsider who just knows where it is all heading. And the signs are so clear. I just wanted to scream at the animals…can’t you see where this is all going? But so too I guess is the real life situation…frustration at why people just can’t see what is happening. Frustration at why people don’t change things, or why they don’t change things earlier. Why they allow themselves to be brainwashed, to become indifferent, to just accept things, to accept others’ egotistical goals and power kicks. It is seemingly easier for many to remain in a comfort zone, even if it isn’t an ideal one, than to stand up for things, to question, to challenge. To simply accept someone else’s “me, me, me” approach. And so often the gripes are vocalised (amongst the discontent) but never actioned upon because status quo appears to be better than to ruffle feathers. To just continue because “it is done” or because “what difference will it make”. But, this is a touchy subject, one that I will ponder some more, take it offline.

And on a different note, ahh, the book itself…visually, striking. I had it lying on my desk at work and the cover caught the attention of quite a few people.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) looks really good too. Just bought it and can’t wait to get stuck into it!

5 thoughts on “Animal Farm…thought provoking

  1. It is definitely worth wondering why the animals and people generally are often content to follow unquestioningly, even when it clearly leads to a bad result. It would be wonderful to figure out how to counter that type of blindness.

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  2. Great post! It’s always nice to read about an amazing book like Animal Farm. More in general, George Orwell is among my favourite authors, and he was truly a great man. Once you’re done with 1984, you may want to check Homage To Catalonia which is autobiographical and deals with the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)!

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  3. I do agree that a book finds you at the right time… I suffer reading droughts too. I’ve only recently caught up with classics like On the Road, The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. I haven’t read 1984 either, but I will get around to it one day. For all the time I spend reading blogs, I still love books. I still love the cover art and the just the tactile feeling of holding a book and the turning the pages. Magical!

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    • Absolutely Paul…I’m just not managing to read the electronic versions. As you say, there’s something there when holding that book. Somehow, for me, it also seems to “sink in” more than electronically…not sure I can explain. And, you can page around to a previous bit if you want to check something…amazingly, I always tend to remember if it was on a left or right page…arb info…but that just doesn’t happen with eBooks. I somehow feel like I never really know where I am in the book…

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