I’m back and ready to roll…

…oh yes! Bring on the last few days of 2020 and then boy oh boy…2021 here we come!

Seriously…what a ride 2020 has been…and you know what? Not all bad…believe it or not…

…time to reflect. Time to think. Time to come back down, to realise there is life beyond work…and…strange enough, I’ve built up some really awesome friendships…despite the restrictions and lockdown…you guys know who you are…

…so…I’m ready to pick up again…and just to get me going:

And…Gill @realweegiemidge …thanks for keeping me going with the most unusual (and awesome) Finnish chocolate. Your Ovomaltine is on its way (I’m popping past the Post Office tomorrow – sorry, such a bad blogging friend I am)!

To everyone who’s been around my site…I’ve seen you, just haven’t responded…but I’m back in action…whoohooo!

And my sexy crush post is still going strong (over 3 years later)…ooooooh…swoon… click here: here .Although, I’ve changed in those 3.5 years…I might need to rewrite that post. Anyway, new post coming soon…the above song might give it away…

…see you all this weekend!

8 thoughts on “I’m back and ready to roll…

  1. YAY, you are back…thanks for the shout out and always happy to send chocolate your way as required… lots to catch up on so want to join a blogathon??? If you look up my blog, then the blogathons 2021 page (found in the Blogathons pages) there are tons more (well four so far).. does that make sense??? Anyway, yay, so glad you are back… (give me a shout if you want to redo our hotties tag…got a few new ones too) https://weegiemidget.wordpress.com/2020/12/03/home-sweet-home-blogathon/


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