I don’t usually read celebrity autobiographies…

…but Greenlights caught my attention. And, so confirms, yet again, my belief that I don’t find the book. It finds me.

I’m really not sure why Matthew McConaughey‘s book was recommended to me on an online bookstore as I haven’t browsed any similar books. Or, why I even bothered to look at it. But, somehow I did. Somehow I was meant to. Because it is really great!

And, to be honest, until now I wasn’t one to consciously go find his movies. In general, I’m not really phased about celebrity personal lives either. But Matthew is such a cool dude in this book. He so casually and matter-of-factly tells us about his life, his experiences. Not in an I’m-so-brilliant-I’m-such-a-Hollywood-star way but rather like a down-to-earth guy just dishing out his thoughts. What I enjoyed were his green lights thrown in. This things that are positive about life. His take on things. Not preaching. Not a self-help book. But once again, just really “oh-of-course” thoughts, notes, advice (to himself) and other affirmations that make perfect sense.

I flew through this book within a few evenings. I’ve been a bad reader in the past few years as I’ve just been too tired and too busy…lame excuse I know but it is true. So, when I polish off a book this quickly it’s good. Really good.

But probably it comes down to the fact that Matthew does tell a pretty good story. He’s had some interesting experiences. There are some bits that make me rethink what is important and what not. Like the part where he went to Germany for a motorbike trip with some friends and they totally wrecked one of the bikes. How, the guy from the rental place didn’t rant and rave, losing his cool and demand immediate payment but instead, first asked if they were OK and then drove to Italy with a brand new bike so the guys could finish their journey. Would I react that way?

What has really stuck with me was his chat about “unbelievable”. We use that word way too much and totally wrong. Think of something fantastic. Anything beautiful. Or amazing. Why should we describe it as “unbelievable”? We should acknowledge it. State how spectacular or special it is rather than doubt or downplay it by saying “wow, that’s just unbelievable”. But, that’s me. And the bit that made a difference to me.

Ultimately, this is a story well told and would be so famous author or not (and I mean that as a compliment). It’s never arrogant nor preaching. Just a damn good read.

20 thoughts on “I don’t usually read celebrity autobiographies…

  1. I first saw Matthew in a film called Lone Star back in the 90s and thought he had a certain star quality. He certainly seems to be one of the few grounded people in the madness of the Hollywood bubble.

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