In very little baby steps…I think I may just be back in the blogging world…

Firstly…happy 2023 everyone.

Waking up to take my young dog for a trip outside…the first thing I saw on the 1st January 2023 when looking into the night night sky (I do this every morning and evening) was a falling star. What more can I say… 🙂

So, last year was a busy one and I was in urgent need of a break from blogging. The previous October (2021) saw a new four-legged addition to the family – our baby boy Titan (not so much little anymore), a Standard Schnauzer (salt and pepper colour). This means we still have quite an active household (he’ll be 1.5 in February) but it is worth all the joy he gives us (although, I’m not sure the cat agrees with me here…but that too is coming along).


Added to that I did a 6 month post-graduate diploma (while working 100%) which I totally underestimated. Gosh…I thought 2 full days of lectures a week would be easy peasy…well, my 5 day working week suffered with only 4 available days. And, I never realised how a 1 day weekend just doesn’t allow for enough time to recover, look after a family (including puppy), do homework, get groceries, do the garden etc. But, I’m really not complaining – it was worth every minute including the 150 hours per person required for the research paper. Another thing I learnt from this: try do these courses in winter and not summer when everyone else is out enjoying the summer holidays.

And, just because it breaks my heart each year watching tiny baby toads crossing the road I got involved in helping there too. I know I can’t save them all but every one helps.

My current project is building bat houses – it helps them find homes while I’m thoroughly enjoying spending time working with wood. And also let’s me change my attention from laptop screens and endless lines of code.

So, in very, very, veeeery little steps I’m going to blog again…here and there. In my own time. Looking forward to seeing you all again.


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