Revisiting Up In Arms with Danny Kaye

I’m going to admit something…please don’t be disappointed in me…but I only know Danny Kaye from one role…that as hypochondriac Danny Weems in Up in Arms (1944). 

As many of you know by now, I grew up with the “abandoned” Super 8 movies that my parents rescued when VHS tapes came out. And, yes, Up in Arms was amongst them. I recall watching it quite a bit actually but if you asked me a few weeks ago, I would not have been able to tell you the story. Just that there was lots of singing aboard a military ship.

So, revisiting it now (with a bit better quality and sound than way, waaaay back then on those 4 movie reels), many things were completely new to me (I guess that’s not all bad…it’s like watching a whole new movie). The unrequited love (love triangle?) part had previously totally passed me by, as had Danny’s hypochondriac condition as well as many of the “talking bits”. Amazing how when you’re quite young, the main focus is completely different to when you’re an adult – the singing was what I watched. But still, and I know this sounds all strange, the scenes just came to mind again as if I’d never forgotten:

Some of these still had me smiling, some I found had become dated since then. But, I thoroughly enjoyed being reminded (or introduced to) other parts of the story. I always enjoyed the singing parts and only just found out that Up In Arms was actually nominated for 2 Academy Awards: Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) and Music (Song – “Now I Know”). I thinks these nominations are well deserved.

What I also only just found out was that Danny Kaye had never acted in a motion picture before this one. I’m sure moving from Broadway to movies isn’t easy, however, this seems to have started his on screen career.

So, for more things Danny Kaye (I’m sorry but I’m keeping this post short…I’ve been on a long-haul flight and traveling for the last 24 hours) head on over to Poppity Talks Classic Film who is hosting this “The Danny Kayae Blogathon” here (click here).








11 thoughts on “Revisiting Up In Arms with Danny Kaye

  1. So happy that you got to rediscover this one and still enjoyed it, Cat. I saw you ask in the comments for more recommendations of Danny’s work. Check out The Five Pennies and White Christmas.

    It’s Maddy here by the way. You may remember I gave up blogging a few years ago.

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    • Hi Maddy…typed up a message the other day and lost it. Of course I remember you and have missed your posts and presence. Welcome back and hope all is good.
      I’ll definitely look into some more of Danny’s work and let you know how it goes (although, I might be a while with blogging taking a backseat here at the moment).
      Looking forward to being in touch again.
      Have a wonderful Sunday (it is dreary European day today but perfect for blogging and watching movies).


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  3. Hi Cat! Please excuse my late comment to your review.
    I’m so glad that you were able to re-discover the film and that all the puzzle pieces seemed to fit! I also have certain films that I watched time and time again during my childhood. Certain scenes and dialogue are forever embedded in your mind.
    When it comes to UP IN ARMS, did you ever repeat the musical numbers and dance movements? Also, are you interested in discovering more Danny films?
    I appreciate your contribution to my blogathon and especially for having taken time out of your busy schedule to participate! 🙂

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    • Hi Erica.
      Now I’m the one with a late reply. These weeks just fly by…whooosh…at a rate I can’t keep up with 🙂
      Oh gosh, did I repeat the musical numbers…I often pretended I was on the ship. And it was really so nice rediscovering Up in Arms.
      I would love to discover more Danny Kaye films…what can you recommend? I mean, yes, I saw so many on the Blogathon but where would you start?
      Have a wonderful week! Cat.


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